Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Your Apples Didn't Arrive


I saw a vendor pushing his cart

Jasmine on the ear,

Singing from the heart

"Come and buy apples

That awaken the senses

And resurrect the dead

Approach and fill your nostrils

With scent wafting from paradise

He who takes a bite never dies"

A dart pierced the shield of my heart

And I recalled the story of the Fall

All that the vendor said

Carried me to you

And I remembered

That your apples didn't come to me

What happened to their tree?

Did the wind of Autumn fan those rosy cheeks

Or did it shake the trunk?

Till she withered, weakened then miscarried her fruit

Oh! that tree of love lost all brightness

Autumn dyed every branch and sucked its sap

And I know her roots moved somewhere

To set off on another land.

Because it is not destined for me.

But the implacable taste, the light,

The aromas, and the golden color

Will always metamorphoses

Into fairy boats

Sailing to the shore of your heart and back

And again, I saw the vendor twirling

My apple in his hand,

Praising the Golden Brand.

And I vanished in the only truth that

"There will be no more apples to send"



The Day I Found Out


The day I found out how much

She loved me,

My world shook.

I changed

And took up a new hobby.

I found refuge

In a walk in the rain

An excuse

To hide my tears, to soothe the pain

that kills every day.

The day I heard the verses

Dedicated to me

I made of them my beloved song,

My brain chant,

And erased all poetry.

The day I found out

how long she kept her passion

inside within the heart and the lung.

I revisited my itinerary

And wished I could.

I wished time could

Walk backward

And make of her words

A motto.

But there is still a chance,

I won't let it go.

Write her words on my epitaph

For all visitors and passers-by

To know how much mom loved me

"When you were, and when I was,

when we used to walk side by side

Now, we've both gone, like lambs

Separated from the herd,

each bleating, calling for their guide".



The Tree And The Moon


Now that we are miles apart,

Never think you are unreachable

Your love embedded its roots in my being.

It grew and took the form of a tree so strong

My twigs stretched in all directions,

From afar they covered you.

And this is what you once thought impossible.

Now that you are away! Don't think I'd be astray.

Your light would spread and I will take my share.

From the distance, I will rejoice your warmth

My twigs will grow just to hug you.

You are above watching me,

I am below worshipping you.

And we'll remain till eternity

Weaving the tale of "The Moon And the Tree"

Gigi Mejri ©



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