Tuesday, February 1, 2022





There Is Never Enough Sky


 Life draws scars

 with smile shape,

 past nostalgias  

transform into amour 

and the moon that accompanies

(Omnipresent witness of time). 

I type indecisions, 

I fertilize verses, 

I reap the mysteries of greek gods. 

Maybe its seductive company 

thrill every ominous corner of my soul, 

there is never enough sky to protect me.

 I comprehend its distance 

 at the foot of so many lives that inhabit my body. 

 I look at her,

 she relieves the pain,

 she looks at me  

and make me fall in love with her with much spell. 

The universe grant eternities, 

there is always a moon,

 at the end of a great love… 

or a poem… 





I claim the hidden side of the moon, 

the darkness where poets do not sing; 

where the dreams lie without return

ancient alphabets of illusions

(which nobody talks about).

 It takes down by the back of the moon 

a barely poem, lacerated, 

with the language of

 a translucent sad song. 

Inert effluvium,

the suicide of a letter

 that was unable to

and its love is missing, troubled. 

There are silences stunning in the vacuum, 

the unarmed space, 

 of no words. 

That side is not stepped on by lovers.

 None survivor climbed its latitudes.

 None spring tremble  

or flourishes, 

or lets nostalgia as a living soul.


 I claim the hidden side of the moon, 

the darkness where no poet sing;

 the geographic position that dodges, 

a thousand lives,

 dying a thousand deaths.



New Moon 


People’s gaze

translate moons,

 boldness of horizons  

where time gets old.  

do not know how to exist

 in every corner of the house; 

soul is full of everyday voids. 

A part of me is broken; 

the simple lightness of things. 

 There are no stars shining

 on me in your skies,  

the moon went out in your 


 I was poetry in your eyes…




KARI KRENN: Poet, writer. Ambassador of ALMA CÓRDOBA (Association to Fight Alzheimer's Disease. Cultural promoter among women in contexts of social vulnerability and people with disabilities. Member of the Womawords Hall of Fame Team, an international platform based in Africa, representing South America. Team that seeks to amplify the voices of women through the literary arts. Women of Resilience. Women of resistance.  Honorary Doctorate in Peace, Humanitarian Mission and Creativity for the World (AICHYCI, MEXICO- MORROCCO 2020).  International Ambassador for Peace, awarded by the WLPFH International Peace and Human Rights Forum, Kingdom of Bhutan, 2021. Co-host of the program "Horizontes de Nuestra América" ​​Mexico

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