Tuesday, February 1, 2022







Sprinkle on me the ashes of the old days

and rub it into the collarbones

of my new insides.


Press into the touch molds

the words of this one that flowed

a torrent of tides

of your waves.


Soak up the silence of my fresh sighs,

fresh scents

and a new ecstasy suit.


Swim me like the ocean,

but come in

come on

visits and the depths that await you

to meet you.


Make me like Gala Dali

and on the edge of his lips, he awoke

destroyed thoughts

who will be transformed in an instant,


and be born

as new depths of my interior.



O I Am


Oh, am I your air

breathe me.

Oh, am I your voice

tell me.

Oh, am I silent to you

listen to me.

Oh, am I your water

pour me.

Oh, am I your fire

set me on fire.

Oh, am I your love?

protect me.


You Are Mine


You are poetry,

you are the word


and verse.

You are a song,


a virtuoso song

which I would listen to at night,

he indulged in it for days.

You are a dream,


muse of great writers,


and sculptors,

Shakespeare's Julia,

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

You are the wind,


and cloud

and leaf

and a flower,

you are everywhere

in my everything.

You exist,

you live

 and you reign in me.

You are here and stay,

don't leave.

Don't let the storms take you,

and winds from me.

Don't let the waves carry you

which you admire so much.

Let nothing carry you

except our love.


You're mine.




IRENA KOVAČEVIĆ is a young poetess from Sarajevo, born on April 29, 1998. Throughout her school days, she showed interest in the written word and literature, and her prose and poetry works participated in numerous competitions where she achieved notable results. She finds inspiration mostly in the timeless inspiration of many artists - love. She is also inspired by other arts such as music, painting, sculpture and photography, so her poetic works are often a blend of many arts. In addition to writing poetry, she also writes prose works, which she publishes on social networks under the pseudonym Cuba Inspiration. Her poetry has been included in many joint collections of authors of the region and regional journals, she has won numerous awards and certificates for participation and notable creative success. She is currently working on publishing her first collection of poetry.

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