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The Bread Of Wisdom


In the happy childhood of mine

You could smell the fragrance of security

In every corner of your world

I remember oh, so well

My mother when she sang

Her song of comfort soothed me and

The smell of her freshly baked bread

I carry your comfort within me

I carry it all through my life

It was written in my childhood

The song she sang to me

I have sung this song myself

The song my children heard me sing

I’ve secured my home and family

And baked the bread of life for them

Just like my mother did for me

Based upon her mother’s recipe

The old and ancient wisdom

I now with pride pass on

And the comfort my mother once gave me

Is now inherited by the young-ones

The young-ones in my family!



Our New Home


In our new house and home

On the meadow of  in our garden

Stands an old Butterfly bush

Who was just about to die

But suddenly it started blooming

With full force within

Just like cheating transience

Just like passed times never happened

It started blooming again

And it didn’t take very long

Until there were lots of butterflies

A whole bunch of mixes ones

Circling ‘round this old Buddleja

Sucking nectar from its flowers

And I see here right before me

My own life starting to blush

I sense the saw in me

And my old soul has broken bud

Your loving words, dear

Did seek my lips

Like in younger days

When life was wild

When you had planted it

Right where you kissed me

Right by the brook

That very first time

And so awakened

Our love anew

Just like the Butterfly bush

Here in our garden

With loving words

Yes, just like then

Our souls did meet

Like butterflies right there!



I Am So Proud


I often see you

In my deepest dreams

When you sit beside me

By my bedside

You then tell me

What I ought to know

Before the stars in my mind do go out

You tell me that you’ve always

Loved your life and your children

Always dared to do the utmost

To bring joy to everyone

When you sit beside me

Here by my bedside

I do sense your wisdom flowing

Your life-value through my veins

And I can say the same

All the seeds you planted in me

All of this I’ve taken in

In my subconscious

These true life values

Have all sunken in

And I will always

Always manage

And make it just

Because of you

You honestly say

That I have always

Been your comfort

All these years

That you always

Could trust me

That I stood

By my word

I have a feeling so strong

That I have done all I could

To earn dignity as a human being

To pass on your giant wisdom

I feel so proud

To mediate this knowledge

Yes, I’m so proud

So inevitably proud

So proud to be your daughter!




JOANNA SVENSSON is a swedish poet, writer and novelist.  She has been writing and publishing her works ever since her early teens.  As a poet she has at present eight books of poetry of which The Seven Colors of my Life is published in the USA (in English) in 2019 and De sju färgerna i mitt liv in Sweden (in Swedish) in 2020 and its Arabic version published in Sweden in June 2021. Czas Bez Dat; published in Polish in 2019. Longing (Sehnsucht) is a poetry collection in two parts (in German) published 2007 and 2008. As a writer she has published two large fiction novels The Secret of the Medallion and The Key to Heaven in a trilogy. The third one On the other Side of the Door is ready for publishing in 2022. Beside a new poetry collection Beyond the Tears of Rain, two other projects are in progress at the moment: A collection of 10 short stories Behind the Green Curtain, and a childrens-book, illustrated by her husband Per Josefsson, who is a professional translator, graphic designer and illustrator.   Fluid in three languages, she writes in Swedish, German and Polish. Her husband translates all of her work to english.                                                                                                                                                             She is a member of the Sveriges Författarförbund, Författarcentrum Syd  and The Society of Polish Writers abroad. Has participated in several anthologies over the years and achieved many acknowledgements for her prose and poetry. Her books are available at Svenska Akademibokhandeln, at BOKUS and at the Royal Library in Stockholm

and several other libraries in Sweden and Poland. In 2019 she was awarded 1:st prize at the Bucharest International Festival of  Literature for her first novel. “The Secret of the Medallion” which is now being translated into English. She is also very active in both Swedish and Polish literary society and she participates in several international prose- and poetry festivals around the world.

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