Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Loneliness And Death

(the pandemic in the time of the Coronavirus).


Balconies that sing

the hospitals that cry

the streets that scream

the tricolor that flies

people who get excited

the crowd

outside supermarkets

with masks and gloves

looking for bread

longs for peace

all distant

but united

everything will be fine

said the television.



Coffins without a funeral

burnt bodies

outside their cities

without burial

without relatives

niches are missing

to welcome them

there are no complaints

to accompany them.


The bread card

eyes without tears

goodbye never data

elderly people alone

without being able to review

loved ones

and for the last time

shake his hands.


Pandemic, quarantine

drones, helicopters

army at war

against an enemy


a virus called Corona

doctors and nurses

exhausted, dead

they came to save lives

but nobody saved them.


Where is Europe

Europe is not there

to be honest

there never was

I have seen Russians, Cubans

Chinese, Albanians

I have not seen French cousins

nor German allies.

So much is only an influence

so much they die alone

old people who don't

a lot of resistance

it is all a conspiracy

to mask 5G

the Europe Defender

the third World War

but here people continue

to die

what do I tell you to do.


You are skilled at hiding

you are good at hiding

to manipulate and lie

but this winter

will have to pass

and then the world will give you

his bill to pay

right or wrong

that it is

will give you anyway

its weight


you will not escape

from his anger

run as much as you want

so much to his revenge

you will not escape.



Immortal Keepers.

(For World Language Day)


You talk to me, oh mother

With your heavenly tongue

I listen to you ecstatic

And only I recognize your words

They talk about love

Of tradition and culture.


I learned too

To talk like you

And this language I can use

to sing with the angels

Or to tell my children

Your story

That you are a teacher of life

of incomparable beauty.


Chariots and swords

They protected her

From the assaults of the enemies

Your children lost their lives

For it

and now they have become

Heavenly warriors

Keepers of a casket

Filled with Immortal treasures

like our glorious Tongue.



Carpe Diem


Catch the moment

they told me as a child

but I was fragile

like a toy

I was climbing

on the trees as one


and from there I looked at the world

spin like a top.


Time has passed

and I'm already big

my age tastes like it

some questions

I have no certainty

but from life

I just want some caresses.


But when the danger

has arrived

I closed my eyes

and it's all gone

I asked God

forgiveness for the crime

to be lived

without ever having loved.




Emanuele Cilenti, born in Messina, Italy, in 1981, is: poet, writer, actor, songwriter, film maker. He has published ten books: "A blade of grass that tickles the sky", "Dream journeys of my soul", "I'm just a nightmare", "Violent percussions", "Celestial whispers", "Petals of infinity", " Immortal echoes ”,“ Ink tears on the face of the heart ”,“ Help! I have two mummies in the house ”,“ That trail of light and beauty ”. As a poet and writer he has won several poetry prizes in Italy and has also received several awards and prizes also internationally. His poems have been translated into: Spanish, English, Romanian and Chinese, and are part of numerous anthologies featuring poets from all over the world. As a songwriter he has written the lyrics of two albums by as many emerging artists of the Italian music scene and collaborates with a record company in the province of Messina. As a theater actor he has been acting since 2007 with various theater companies in Messina. At the cinema he participated in five independent Sicilian films, interpreting various comic and dramatic roles. As a film maker, he made six short films entitled: "Beyond the journey", "The death of the puppets", "The molds", "A sea of meshes", "Mortal hypnosis", "7LIVES ... destroyed" and are located in own Youtube channel, this is the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/Elemento408. He collaborated as a TV actor in Mediaset (Italian national TV) in a famous television broadcast.


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