Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Close The Gates Of The Soul


Life consists of joy, pain and disappointment

often the burden of injustice suffocates us

then in the realm of silence we seek salvation

in this way we ease the burden on the afflicted soul.


In this strange, cruel world

people feed on other people's pain and torment

therefore, do not show tears, as a sign of weakness

they will bite you on the heart, pour salt on the wound.


Close the gates of the tender soul

build a solid wall, somewhere deep in the bowels

boldly, like Sisyphus, slowly move that burden

just keep quiet, so that no one notices or sees.


Draw a smile, go out among the people

do not let the ungodly rejoice in pain

it will pass, as will all that passes

With firm faith that better days are coming.


Open your soul to the paper, take the pen

it feeds on letters or completely new ideas

only with a strong will tears are overcome ...

Therefore, never show weakness in front of this world!!!

© Slavka Božović


I Would Like


I would like to approach you again as I used to

anyway, childishly honest, chaste

fear pervades me I have to get around

in the name of love when we were one.


I would love to put these cold hands on

under your coat on the left

soul to feel cracked heart sounds

hidden under the shadows of secret songs.


I would like to look at you through the eyes of a muse

inadvertently drowning in the spark of the pupil

with thirsty lips to drink your dry tears

and then disappear in the wake of the bird.


I would like to touch your dreams with my palms

for me they are bound by invisible threads

don't be afraid, I can pick up the stars from the sky

leaving you light at blind intersections.

© Slavka Božović


Your Shadow


You, so far away

and I see you

Through the fingers

you draw tenderness

Longing from the eye

it spills

I lied to myself

that you don't mean to me.

Hidden in the corner of the soul

You confuse my worlds

You wave the wind

you pass into the heart

And when I'm not expecting you

You are leaving a scandal.

Your shadow

haunts me all the time

You tremble like from

violin note quiet

And so from dawn

till Dawn

You dance on the podium

of each of my verses.

© Slavka Božović



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