Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Trojan Horse!


These are the days of the great deception and a Trojan horse!

Being imposed on all of humanity by force!

These are the days, where we are being mislead!

Where many billions could be, prematurely dead?

Where people are no longer free! to fulfill their chosen destiny!


These are the days, across every nation

People losing their freedoms to those, seeking world domination!

With lives being restricted increasing frustration!

By those who worship an abomination!


These are the days, where the vast majority,

Their incarceration even they, do not see!

Being hoodwinked and fooled by those, in authority!

Who treat their own people, disgracefully!

These are the days, with millions sworn to secrecy!

Acting in Lock Step, with many a Secret Society!

Imposing mask wearing and social distancing,

Upon all who would be free!

Blinkering their eyes, so that they do not see!


These are the days, where not many see through,

The plans that they are trying to do!

Preplanned and orchestrated, through and through!

With the majority of humanity, believing the story,

That it is all to do, with a variant, of the flu!


These are the days, where some see through,

What they are trying to do!

With eyes open, hearts hoping,

To put a spanner the wheel of the elites intentions,

Of global domination, as they are not coping!


These are the days, of mass suicide,

Where poverty and starvation being created,

By those who in the dark and closed doors, hide behind!

Luckily some still have a free mind and are not mentally blind!


These are the days, of imposed laws, and politicians rage!

Being puppeteered, by unseen hands behind the stage!

Who seek a One World Government And New World Order

To cross every single, national border!


These are the days! Of lunacy!


Where one after another injection will set you free, Supposedly?

Untested, experimental, Quackery!

Chemical concoctions, to steal your Spirit and Soul Ultimately!


These are the days of no hugging and kissing,

Where millions of children are going missing!

Stolen from school, stolen from home!

Their fear filled blood desired

By human Devils as Adrenachrome!


These are the days! Of Satans rule,

Of forces of darkness, Wolves, Cloaked as sheep,

To look official and cool!

Telling lies under disguise!

Making many into a hypnotized and programmed fool!


These are the days! Of long white spreading sprays!

Streaking across our skies!

These are the days of disinformation,

Propaganda and lies!


These are the days where some do see!

The moves being pulled on Humanity,

Their deception they see!

And will fight to remain free,

To avoid this global calamity,

The promotion and roll out of

60GHz mm Microwave technology!


These are the days of Biblical Prophecy!

These are the days of Insanity!


These are the days, where we will be guided in our course,

By the Universal creator, who is on our side, of course!

These are the days of the Great Deception and a Trojan Horse!



To See!


There is an Elephant in the room,

Which no one, is willing to see, or say?

All the Politicians from all  of the parties,

Even the Greens? Have nothing, about it, to say!

It is called Geoengineering, Strategic Aerosol Injection,

Stratospheric Radiation Management

And it goes on, globally, every day!

Look in your skies, and you will see, the spray!

Funded by Bill Gates, with David Keith from Harvard University,

In the mix, him no doubt, having a say!

They take clear blue skies and turn them into silver grey!

Stealing our God given, sunshine, away!

Creating many ailments, in humanity, through coagulation

In the brain, of Aluminium, Dementia, Parkinsons and Altzheimers,

Appearing as leading causes of deaths, in the UK now,

Chart topping, we can see! All increasing rapidly!

Charts, now heading, stratospherically!

From this Elephant in the room,

That no one, wants, to See!




DAVID NICOLL: He has had numerous poems Published in South African and International publications and was included in the International Who’s Who of Poetry in 2012

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