Tuesday, November 1, 2022





I escaped existence 

And death


Lived on a frayed 

Nerve, till

It tangled into

A fishing net 


Let it dissolve on a sea 

Bed of tears 

Till you all left me 

And I had no need


To escape existence 

Or death 




I turned your page 

But I wasn’t in it  


I thought I was your blockbuster 

Spine chilling thriller 

Suspense on every page 

A delightful rom-com 

I was Hugh Grant

And you were my fair maiden 


But I turned over 

And I wasn’t in it 


A black fairytale…

The letters having turned

To snow

On the page


The Dead Seen Scrolls 


Scrolling down…

I see a notice of a “Heavenly Birthday”

Of someone I never knew was dead 


We were in a band together, that faded

very fast 

But down the Dead seen Scrolls 

there is no mention of those years 


So long in the past… 


And how a gentle soul touched me so deeply 

As deep as the sea I sail on now 


Sinking deeper

And deeper 

Into the past 




DAVID R MELLOR: Born 1964, (Liverpool, England) to a difficult birth, David didn't find his voice until his youth. Years of thinking he was nobody and treated as such. Including a period of homelessness in the desperate Thatcher Years. However, he hit the paper papering over the scars. Found understanding and belief through words. He has been published and performed widely from the BBC, The Tate, galleries and pubs and everything in between. Now resident in Turkey he has continued his literary career. His poems and writings   are autobiographical, others topical and several his take on life. Hope you enjoy.



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