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A Change Of Heart


A broken heart is a haunted heart

Full of sorrow and pain

No love

No trust

Unwilling to try again

A lonely heart is a starving heart

Hungry for someone

Who will talk awhile

Silence echoes around them

No one seems to have the time

A gutsy heart is a heavy heart

Wanting everything for itself


Self centred

Doing damage to its health

An open heart is a brave heart

Helping others out

Doing favours

Lending a hand

Seeming to never scream and shout

A healthy heart is a light heart

Full of laughter and joy

Kisses, cuddles

Standing tall

Finding yourself again

A courageous heart is a true heart

A knight that fights for truth

Valiant, brave

A legend

A symbol of hope and peace. 

Donna McCabe ©




I believe in miracles

I believe they come true

Like when the angels of the heavens

Guided me to you

I believe in spirit

Upon their astral cloud

I believe that things I've done

Have often made then proud

I believe that dreams come true

When you make a wish so sweet

I believe that when times are bad

We all deserve a treat

I believe there's more to life

Than being born and growing old

I believe there is something out there

Waiting to unfold

I believe in my children

Whom I love with all my heart

I believe that no matter where we are

We are never far apart.

Donna McCabe ©


Cupids Arrow


This love is magic

It's never out of fashion

I am spellbound by your charms

I have found an everlasting love

Within your loving arms

'T was cupid with his golden wings

That brought us close together

A clever man who knew his stuff

Made a love that will last forever

You are the one

That makes me whole

You’re in my heart and mind

You know my secret soul

Many chapters my life has had

A vast volume of stories to tell

The moment that I saw you

I fell under cupids spell.

Donna McCabe ©



Blessed By Love


Your Love is my body's blanket

Arms of salvation keeping me safe

I find myself ascending

Lost in your embrace

Your love is the anchor

That is docked in my heart

We have always stuck together

From the very start

We have bared the storms together

In the thousand winds that blow

We have tasted the tropics of paradise

We have walked through falling snow

Together in unison

Contentment so deep

A hermetic seal wrapped around our love

This feels like a love should feel

Blessed by Cupid up above.

Donna McCabe ©




Scarred by the swords of rejection

Fed up with feeling their blades

Before I perish upon them

I must rise and seize my fate

To conquer the wars

That rage deep within

To let in some glory

And trample the sin

To tread the path of knowledge

Where wisdom knows no bounds

To feel the overwhelming pleasure

Of unconditional love.

Donna McCabe ©


Slaves To Love


Love is a labyrinth

Of twists and turns

Pitfalls of fears

And heightened hearts

There is no way

To prise them apart

Bruised by conflicts

Enveloped in passion

Hand in hand

And always in fashion

Love is an addiction

On which we all feast

An all-consuming hunger

Enticing its prey

There is no escaping its snare

We are slaves to love.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE is an established poet from South Wales, UK, with over twenty years’ experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies both nationally and internationally, she is also a respected admin on many social media pages as well as having her own Instagram page, Instagram- @donnamccabe_Facebook- Poemsbydonnamccabe

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