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Childhood memories

often return home, to me

as a white dove

that always knows the way.

He flies up

to blend into the freedom

of the blue sky

and caressing sun.

Days of play were

surrounded by a ring of fire,

the trees were hidden angels

watching over us

the flowers -fairies,

aunt’s crystal voice

over the hills

still calling us

back into the house

through the void of time,

uncle with his hat on

sitting on a stone, in the yard

as the village returned to rest,

watching attentively

as a guardian of the world,

his image engraved in eternity.


Empty Nests


Our childhood’s little town

stands quietly in the mist of time,

nothing has really changed in it,

only we left like autumn birds

who’s song is missed by the alleys,

by the windows, by the now

empty branches.

Years came as a merciless winter

that kept us apart, helplessly

on the other, distant side of spring.

The memory of the ground -

burst of flowers over

our childhood footprints.


Beautiful Day


The day dipped

into the raw green grass of the meadow

into the sea of dandelions,

we lied on our back

watching as a queen ant

takes off from your bare arm,

we wondered why the sky is blue,

the shining silver river

carried away our shouts of joy

of playing,

the soft breeze coated

in the sunshine

brought the chirps of birds to us.

In those times we did not understand

that a moment can last forever.




FRANCISC EDMUND BALOGH is a Romanian poet, writer and musician currently residing in the UK. His writing peaked in the last 3 years when he received various prizes at different mostly national and couple international literary competitions. The most important prize he received was 1st place at L'Olimpiade Mondiaux de Poesie” 2020-2021 edition, organized by the World Poets Association and the best foreign author prize at Single poem category at the 10th edition, 2022, of I COLORI DELL’ANIMA organized by the Mondo Flutuante Association, Italy. Some of Francisc’s poems were translated and published in 2020 in Germany in the „ Vort Vergessen” anthology and some on the French literary blog „Lettres Capitales”. Francisc also writes in English.  Francisc published in India on the Litterateur Rw literary blog, OPA and Cultural Reverence. In the UK, Francisc’s poetry appeared mostly in anthologies like: “Faith”, “Poetry for Ukraine”, “Poetry celebrating the life of Queen Elisabeth the II “(anthologies published by The Poet Magazine). Francisc was also published in the anthology “Roads to Serendipity”, by Lothlorien Poetry Journal. Francisc’s works were published in the US as well, in Spillwords and Open-Door magazines. The last but not the least is Francisc’s participation in the World Poetry Tree anthology which includes contemporary poets from 105 countries. The anthology was presented at World Expo Dubai 2020

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