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School yard, school garden

And a green flowerbed with flowers,

Many springs ago

We studied here, made friends with our hearts.

Here is the first call,

And the last exam with flowers,

Here is the first lesson,

And the last one with two wings.

How many years have passed,

How many winters have I had under my belt,

How many roads have passed,

Inspired by the rays of knowledge.


More than a century,

Alma mater! For years,

it gives the secret of knowledge,

Blooming again with gardens of knowledge.

Same yard, same garden,

The same flowerbed is full of flowers,

Don't go back,

The doors to the school world are already closed.

The first syllable at random,

Which phrases are composed of,

The first waltz, the first look

The boy from the next class.

There was a lot of everything,

But study comes first,

From my desk

The way forward and into childhood is visible.

Our life is in full swing,

The years are rushing by the arrow of events,

Someone has already become a doctor,

Someone is a genius of new discoveries.

And the director and the head teacher,

And the whole team - everyone is so strict!

But, hiding fatigue,

We were all led along different roads.

They have patience,

I wish you health, happiness,

and a long life.,

And to hide from all kinds of bad weather.

He deserved the honor,

And the love of children's souls is a reflection,

Let fate count them out

For patience - a sign of respect.


Now a new school,

The corpus is both brighter and cozier,

And other verbs

They are pronounced in busy everyday life.

Let it bring light to the destinies,

New knowledge flows in a stream,

At school, the student will warm up,

He can get drunk on this knowledge.

Let the parade not go out

School days, filling our hearts,

Let the school garden bloom,

inhaling new springs with the winds.


Neighbor Lisa


Today the guest in the yard is a surprise: the neighbor's daughter Lisa

She came like the sun, like the day, she is not too lazy to smile at us.

But she swept by like a hurricane, broke a vase and a glass,

And I reached for the service,took it away - the whims began.


 Went to feed the fish in the pond, pulled the tail of all the cats,

Returned to feed the fish, decided to catch them right away,

Climbed into the pond in sandals straight,

I had to call my mother for help here.

After all, she burst into tears - I don't have the strength

What answer should I give now?


We got Lisa from the pond, it was not difficult for us,

Then Lisa stopped crying, probably tired in the pond,

She stole all the pillows, into the yard, like old toys,

Lay down, she lay down a little, a minute, of course, did not lie down,


Jumped up, rushed to the gate, saw a snail in the bushes,

I sat down and played with her and without any special ideas,

Grabbing the snail, she ran and began to put it in the crib.

And immediately I wanted to drink, and eat, and sleep, and well... to cheat:


The snail also wants to eat - Lisa chirps in my ear.

Then she forgot about the snail: a neighbor with a dog at the gate.

Then Lisa suddenly rushed to the dog, subjected the poor to an attack,

She whined, screamed, and Lisa said plaintively:


Don't cry, dog, I'm with you! She said, stamped her foot

And she ran down the path - her little legs sparkled.

Then Lisa wants blackberries, (" having done great things in diapers"),

Then a tomato, then a grape - Lisa is happy to fly around the garden!


She was with us for about ten minutes, she managed to do different things!

Like a storm, Lisa swept through here, we did not expect this surprise.

Cleaning was done for her: Ah, it was more fun with Lisa.

The bell rang - I'm running faster: Oh! Lisa is at the door again!


And again, there is "bad weather" in the house,

because Lisa is only a year and a half old.


Snowfalls In Childhood


I remember my childhood, snowfalls,

When snowflakes on the palm of your hand

fell, Everyone was welcome,

And then the path was swept away.


I remember how the blizzard was circling,

And the wind was howling in the chimney,

Winter was a fortune teller with snows

About changes and fate.


Frost painted all the windows.

A pattern of unthinkable beauty

I left an autograph in my memory

For the heart - in the childhood of the strip.


I also remembered the sled,

When overclocking, with a breeze

They carried me like a kid,

Weaving a snowball into fate.


Well, for tomorrow, the snow has melted.

The streams ran in April,

And he left a snowball for us

From the mountain hurrying drops.


Oh, how many winters and snow there were!

All the memory collected in an envelope.

How many thoughts to take off

It fit into a simple plot.


But there are many fates in this plot,

And the gentle smoke of delight, noise

It will wake me up from memory

The sound of taking away into childhood, I think.




NATALIE BISSO is a poet, novelist, essayist, and songwriter. Author of 13 author's collections, 1 author's e-book, 1 presentation electronic album and more than 120 lyrics, as well as co-author in more than 170 international almanacs and anthologies and more than 100 international newspapers and magazines. The poems have been translated into 40 languages of the world. Honorary Figure of World Literature and Arts with the assignment of a silver badge. Founder and President of the International Literary Association "Creative Tribune“ (MLATT). Academician of the International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art; Academician of the International Academy of Russian Literature; corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts. Honorary Member of the WRITERS UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, Head of the German Branch of the SPCA, member of the International Union of Authors and Performers (ICAI). Member of the Cámara Internacional de Escritores & Artistas and the CIESART World Council (Spain). Member of the International Union of Writers, member of the Regional Public Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Poetry "SVETOCH", member of the International Guild of Writers (Germany), Member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists, Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) / (ETG/ECG London). Advisor to the International publication of Chinese Literature (Hubei Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles), member of the Jury of international competitions, Ambassador of the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity (IFCH), Member of the European Council and the Intercontinental Advisory Committee RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III; Honorary President of "Thousand Minds for Mexico" and the international jury in Germany, Honorary Member of the Union of Spanish-speaking Writers (UXE). Multiple laureates of international literary, poetry and music competitions; winner of several special international prizes; Holder of many international medals and orders, including those under the auspices of UNESCO; the title of "Golden Feather of Russia"; the title of MAESTRO; the title of MASTER OF POETRY; the title of OUTSTANDING SCIENTIST FROM the CONSORTIUM of the International Academy of Ethics in India.


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