Thursday, February 1, 2024



Childhood Grows Old


Childhood plays

A little child

Running behind


Long days of sun

Longer nights

Rising again

To bubbly flights.

Steps move on

And then one day

Childhood finds itself

On another ground,

Butterflies attract

But lo !

Butterflies of a different kind

Lost in love,

Childhood, now youth,

Sighs a furnace

All inside.

Days move on

Then one day

Youth finds itself


Shoulders so bent,

Wrinkles around.

Then comes winter

The sun, now cold

Brings with itself

Miseries untold

Lone on a chair

Childhood, now old


Where in the journey

Itself it sold.


The Doll House


Do you remember

The little doll houses

The time

You and I

Played papa, mama

How perfect

Our little world was

Today too

You are you


I am I

Only our little world

Is no longer the same.


A Requiem For The Girl Child


What irony is this

The giver of life

Is pleading for her life

Deaf, the ears

Unfeeling the heart

That hear not, her cries.

The mourning song for her begins

When nascent is her phase

Life's thread is snapped

E'en before

The umbilical cord is cut.

You worship the Goddess of Retribution

And kill her in real life

Remember my friend

By this very act

You annihilate yourself

And Mankind.


Growing Up


Evolution is silent

When the fig

Becomes a banyan

And when

A banyan, a fig

One hardly knows.

I live my life

All over again

In this little girl.

Eligible for one fourth of space

A little less for I was a girl

I grew moment by moment.

The umbilical tie

Was never cut.

Concern for my creator

Extended in directions unknown,

Germinating neglect

Camouflaged in sacrifice.

I see this girl tripping

But I let be

The process of evolution is on

One day some day

She will be a strong me.




NITA B GEORGE is a poet and a short story writer having to her credit five published books, three anthologies of poems, a collection of short stories and her Memoir. An English teacher at the Graduation level, her interaction with young minds has given her a deep insight into human thought and human behavior. An animal lover, much of her time is passed with her pets.




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