Thursday, February 1, 2024



Childhood Thoughts


I remember getting

baths in a number two tub,

all of my siblings were waiting

In line for a scrub.

Life was fun in my neighborhood.

These are great memories,

I’ll never erase.


Good Old Days


Kool-Aid days in the yard,

Children were laughing and playing.

Bubbles were floating all around.

Flying June bugs on a string-

these were the good old days.


Childhood Games


Walking on barrels,

across the yard,

rolling along trying

not to fall off.

Playing” King of the Mountain”

was fun.

China berry fights on the block.

At the end of the day

we were all still friends.




MARY BONE has been writing poetry since childhood. Her poems have been published at Our Poetry Archive, Visual Verse, Literary Yard, The Academy of the Heart and Mind, Topical Poetry, Highland Park Review, Active Muse Journal, Line of Poetry, Lothlorien Poetry Journal and other places.

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