Thursday, February 1, 2024



Childhood Memories’


In childhood


thought travels


in sweet memories


Hanging out with friends


with our new bikes


endless walks


in the nearby city park…


Soccer, goals, whistles


celebrations for the victory


shouting fights


in defeat, the ball is the protagonist


bloody feet, studded shoes


but a lot of fun and laughter,..


those were the years of innocence and childlike carelessness,..


Childhood And Joy


Dreams we had as children...


What will I be when I grow up?


that is, what profession will I do..


We played with little plastic people, with


towers and castles,


basketball and chasing


and hide and seek, a traditional game


I remember my grandfather's gift


a tableau that had the name


"Grumpy" because he who


he lost the most pawns he lost


and …was crying whining. Great fun!


My little puppy Rudy


who liked swimming in the sea,...


We remember the childhood years with nostalgia!


Childhood The Years Of Forgiving


The mother with the father


on my birthday


held at home\


a small party with friends


decorated the living room with balloons


with many colors that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY..


The cake fantastic with ten candles


and on top of the whipped cream with the icing


plastic people from my favorite soccer team..


We used to read comics


and we used to exchange comics magazines..


We watched on TV


our favorite cartoons


or we used to play puppet theater,....


I wish the clock would turn back


let's go back in time and become


 again..little children!.-




PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS was born in Agrinio, Etoloakarnania, in 1977. He studied at the Faculty of Humanities of the Open University of Patras, studying Greek culture. Today he works as a private employee. He is. member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF GREEK LITERARY ARTISTS-DEEL, AMBASSADOR OF GREEK POETRY OF EQUALITY IN BANGLADESH. MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL LITERARY ASSOCIATIONS WRITERS UNION, WORLD UNION OF POETS. He has received thirty international poetry awards from various countries. Most of his poems have been translated into many languages ​​(indicatively we mention TUNISIA, INDIA, SPAIN, ALBANIA, ROMANIA, PERU, COLOMBIA, AMERICA, CHINA, JAPAN. Finally, he has worked as a radio producer in local radio stations, his lyrics were set to music by Greek composers and are posted on youtube. His poems have been published in Agrinio newspapers (such a MACHITIS, ANAGELLIA, PALMOS) It is worth noting that his poetic work is included in the great encyclopedia of contemporary Greek writers by HARI PATSI.-


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