Monday, July 1, 2019




But you said love is dumb,
Then what is the eye?
Love never has been , love is dream
Then what is the truth?

I warmed up under the snowflake
I froze under the reproach of my beloved
There is no one wisdom ….. like him
Then what is the meaning , the word ?

Beloved lifts the beloved to the crown
Beloved brings beloved luck
If you do not see your fake beloved
Then what’s the meaning , of the face
Those who are struggling with this world
Those , who dig a hole for others
Those , who breaks someone’s heart
Then what is the meaning of the glow?

If Farhad doesn’t break mountains,
İf Karam doesn’t get lost on the road
If Mahira doesn’t burn with love
Then what is the meaning of the endure?


Girl,was you created from caress?
You are divine, Nazli.
You have become a granny as you born.
You’re my mother’s herself, Nazli

Let your fate gets matured as flower
Let your eyelashes burn heart
God bless you from jinx
You are the eye of the girls

Your smell is the smell of a mountain rose
The core of the tongue is honey
Pasha – my brother Ali’s
…. mother, daughter, Nazli?

Nahida will turn like a slave to you
She will not give to bride and son
On the forehead of my child Ilgar,
You are the written like fate,Nazli.

Silver heel, khina on hands
Affectionates can be so
Do not caress, then they will say that
You are satisfied herself, Nazli

Mahira- my mother Nazli
My soul is lake, and the swan is Nazli
What to hide, deny, Nazli?
You are the star of the Earth, Nazli


It does not say that we have
seen these months without him.
Hasan Mirza lives on our face.
It is neighter secret, no wisdom,
That HAsan Mirza lives
hundered for hundreds
His voice is going away,
His land is Azerbaijan-
here and there.
His nest is on the voluems
On the words Hasan Mirza lives.
The book was light – he admired,
He couldn’t oppress –
neighter tired.
Dereleyes – said,
moaned on the grief,
Eleyes – where Hasan Mirza lives.
It was said – handson, native son,
It waa said- never left
alone the man.
It was said – father,brother,
uncle him.
Hasan Mirza lives on flat and
Mam Nazli,lessly burst into flame,
Talk to those who make name.
If you ask from the thousands,
It waa said: Hasan Mirza lives in us.
Everybody who knows him that
he was brave,
He was thrifty, greatful for bread,
He took away drowsiness
with his “Dilqam”
Hasan Mirsa lives
                                      in the string of saz.                                                                



MAHIRA NAGIQIZI HUSEYNOVA was born in 1960 in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. She graduated from the philological faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University . She is  scientist  and poet of Azerbaijan Republic. Currently she is the dean of the Philological faculty of the ASPU . Author many poems and scientific articles. She has 3 children, 7 grandchildren.

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