Monday, July 1, 2019




Give me not
all this love,
shelter me not
under your wing,
show me not
the way to your heart,
I am but
a wicked thing.

I rise from the cinders
of hell,
I spare not
my own abode.
Heaven may save
those poor souls,
trying to flee
my diabolic code.

'Ere I walk
into the heaven
seeking audience
of the lord
But lo and behold!
He crumbles down!
Bring the shaman
exorcise the God!!


These are strange times indeed!
It's bizarre to be told that
things we clearly see, hear and feel,
are really not 'real'!
Rather the stories fed to us;
that our minds refuse to accept
are the 'truth'...
and so they have always been!

Beware! This is not Metaphysics,
not a parallel universe
to float around!
Perhaps they want us to believe so!

We shall not accept their ideas
that defy natural justice;
Reject their convoluted facts
that aspire to
overturn the legitimate with impunity!
How they have succeeded in
tearing us apart,
made us believe,
that humankind is really not kind!
That we and they can never be friends!

No! We cannot
let this consume us!
This is not a virtual world,
where we can kick and kill people around
with no repercussions.
We shall not call doomsday upon ourselves
at their behest!
Let them not make us believe
that this is the only way!
That this is what
the Gods decreed!

So let us dig our feet
firmly into the ground.
Let us not leave our own soil
our own motherland!
Let us not float around
in conjured fantasy
and reclaim the truth,
that our senses perceive,
our minds accept.
Let Morality and Compassion
be enthroned again,
Let us let down
the vicious Gods!
Let us redeem our intellect and humanity
and become Human again!


You defiled
my God,
when you bathed him
in blood.
Put commandments
in his mouth
that he never decreed.
I adored him
until you turned him
into stone,
Unfeeling, brutish,

You took away
my religion,
when you sowed
the sapling of faith,
deep into
the womb of hatred.
The arrows of
malignant violence,
pitched from
your bigoted heaven
sprouted demons,
and ravaged my land!

You corrupted
my people,
blinding their eyes;
giving them a God
of dubious intent.
Handed them spears,
muted their
song of peace,
Now, they beat
ear-shattering drums
of a needless war..

You shamed
When you let
women and children
be ravished and brutalized.
Drove people
out of their own land
Broke the code
of human conduct
when you raised criminals
to haloed thrones.
You bloodied
your own hands
with innocent blood!

To you,
The murderers of my country!
I send a curse!
Let my country be exorcised
of these malignant demons...

Our time is fast afoot...
Your time is


ANTARA BANERJEE is best known for her two books, 'The Goddess in Flesh' and 'To be a Woman'. Recipient of the prestigious Sanmarg Aparajita Award 2019 as a Young Achiever for her contribution in the field of literature, she is Masters in Image and Communication from Goldsmiths College, London and a graduate from the Presidency College of Kolkata. Apart from being a novelist, she is also a poet in three languages. She writes verses in English, Bangla and Hindi. In a language that is marked by boldness and passion at the same time, she endeavours to transport her readers to a world that can only be described in words, a world that is shrouded in charming intrigue. Because, words can evoke imagination, that is constrained by nothing!

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