Monday, July 1, 2019



Beyond the lakes
The mountain echoes...

In the garden of love
A soft breeze whispers...

Fragrant verses, wind sings
Dreamy cherries bloom to swing.

Eyes shine when sound meets silence
In a shady space, in distant heaven.

Soft souls are in tender twist
Luring streams under blue skies.

Waist beads rattle when love is in air
Curves dazzle in glory and dancing bear.

Now our hearts cast a humid light
Over the far hills, singing a serene beauty.

Sweet dews make our wings wet
We are caught in a silken net.

Love shines on eternal moon.
Fire in radiant eyes, a glow of June.

Dancing boughs stretch their arms
Drifting away the souls with charms.

A sweet song sing every dancing heart
Brushes with colours touch my art.
Rajashree Mohapatra ©


My aloneness . . .
Where   footsteps echo in silence
But really dwells   no calmness
Full of   fantasy, a crowded   place.

I hear voices  . . .
Trailers of past days
Characters and images
Down the memory lane.

My   dreams often fight
With   surged desires
Emotions start bleeding
Rock up and  down  in  rhythm.

Inner self search for cosmic grace
Make me free from earthy bondage
For a journey   of   immortality
To guide my eternal voyage.
Rajashree Mohapatra©


My ocean deep eyes
Where you gently breeze
Quietly flap your wings
To sweep me off  your feet.

Streams of light washing
On the drenched bed kissing
You stand in a time wrap
To cradle me in your arm.

We unite on the shore
To sing songs of passionate love
With water to glitter in sunlight
We merge and shine bright.

You rub your hands in glee
That makes us glide high
We see glimmer of hope
Union of  life  destined to glow .
Rajashree Mohapatra ©


RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a teacher by profession. She is  post graduate in History and post graduate diploma in Environmental Education and waste management and a post graduate student of Journalism and mass communication. Poetry , painting  and journalism are her Passions .  Her poems are published in prestigious  anthologies and in International   ezines . For her, Painting is a mode of creative expression and  can communicate souls .


  1. Very good. Happy to know Rajashree is student of Environmental education and waste management, which I didn't know earlier.


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