Monday, July 1, 2019



paradise karabakh

My Agdam,Shusha, Karabakh

the dialect sweeter than sugar

Khan nightingale,the mountain with scarlet….

your regret wound my breast deeply….

My eyes crave for your face

I composed music to every your bayati and word

I don’t reach to Cidir plain… which prisoned

the damp cheek, paradise place …Karabakh

Spring of my land … which was born of frost

the morning star… which lighted the mother land
Karabakh deer, the daughter of mother land

Motherland supports you … paradise Karabakh

Agjabedi,the joyous homeland of Uzeyir

My motherland…my Karabakh forever

those who saw Jabrayil,Tartar..said that

Motherland supports you … paradise Karabakh


You aren’t faithful man as world
I feel it when looking to your eyes
To whom have you lied … to whom …
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.

Lies became memory in your speech
changed to a liar … beloved, as you
I don’t want your approaching me
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.

my soul needs guests …. like you
you would look like to pure spring
my sad tear flows to my cheek,
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.

I take grieve closely in the heart
I grieved heavily without you
I take fog and mist with your grieve
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.


I attitude to poetry as sadness, grief, desire

Let me tell repeatedly ….it is Homeland

If somewhere was played ” Segah” ….it is Homeland

My sanctuary,trempl and my last refuge…is Homeland

My religion,Kaaba,Quran,altar…is Homeland

A real son of the homeland, who dies for his Homeland

On a difficult day … on a hard day ….that shares pain

Baku, Ganja, Nakhchivan, Karabakh…. is Homeland,

Absheron which I was born .. plains ,mountains…is Homeland

My crazy Kura, Khan Araks,great Goyce…is Homeland

Derbent, Zanjan, Tabriz, Borchali – totally is Homeland

I’m the son singer, life in my soul …. is Homeland

Vugar Ahmed says…. Azerbaijan – is Homeland


VUGAR AKHMED - poet, professor, born in 1963 in Azerbaijan - Baku. He graduated from the philological faculty of the ADPU, currently works at ANAS. Doctor of Philology, professor, member of the New York SA, member of the Union of Writers and Journalists of Azerbaijan, member  of  the Mugam Association of Russian-Derbend Unity. He is married, he has a daughter and a son.

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