Monday, July 1, 2019



I will open up my window for you, rain,
only  the sparrow not to get wet
I will open up my umbrella for you, rain,
only the sparrow not to get wet!
I will take on me your rain jets as well,
only  the  sparrow not to get wet!
And will present  you my bared shoulders,
only  the  sparrow not to get wet!

-Mom, what does the bird mean in a dream?
-I don’t know.
I don’t believe to the sleepy dreams.
Then kissed her daughter:
-Believe in awake dreams
or  them  to come true…

I woke up at night:
may the  rain suddenly not stop:
my heart is beating
with the rhythm of rain now.


ARMENUHI  SISYAN- Writer, poet from Armenia. Professor of Armenian language at Yerevan State Medical University. Her works are translated into 11languages. Author of  9 books, last 2 were published in Kyoto (Japan) in Japanese. Participant of different international literary festivals and programs. (Аustria,  Switzerland, Italy, Japan), winner of different literary prizes. Member of Writers’ Union of Armenia.  Board member of International Writers Association in Brussels (IWA).  Member of Japan Universal Poets Association, Kyoto.

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