Monday, June 1, 2020



Born Twice

Life’s walkway of peace
Those dreams in Neverland
Gracefully dressed scene
The playground of eternity
Tasting this desirable thirst for a new year
Competition riding upon the wings of hope
Sustaining the strength of frustration
Whispers into the wind, stripped of sin
We all have a beginning and an end

Life Has Been Written

The aged paned window, caged within the night sky
Changed to earth’s stage
A play created day by day, life applauding, howling your name
Heaven, Hell and Eternity
Can one escape, when all scripts have been played?
You will remember me

My Wish

A secret place a wish I make
The only place it will be safe
Dancing within the dreams I will dream tonight
Life of souls, imprisoned attraction
My wish, my dream
Graceful balance of you and me
From a longing heart to be
Dreams of belief
A choice of my faith
One day it will be a reality


Author MARSHA L. CENICEROS is a prolific author with novels that span many genres including science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and horror. She is also an accomplished poet, nonfiction author, and child abuse advocate. Marsha’s writing career began over twenty-seven years ago, although her love of writing began as a young child when she read her first book by Dr. Seuss.

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