Monday, June 1, 2020



We’re Hungry For Peace

Wars are a leash for humanity,
offer tears and suffering.

We’re hungry for peace.

When the dust that now covers
our bodies will be gone,
We will forget your cruel acts.
We have a more powerful weapon
and winning that is called

I Burn My Thoughts In A Painting

Daisy scent covers coffee smell.
All stopped, a Tuesday in summer.
A butterfly lands on my notebook.
I put the pencil on the table.
I burn my thoughts in a painting.

I Swing On Pillars Of Truth

Far and unknown lands
will be hearth for unhappy souls.

Unexplored ways will become hope
for shaky lives on bamboo ropes.

Clear waters without wickedness
will be a mirror for the restless poet.

I sit on honest pillows.
I swing on pillars of truth.


SILVIA GIAMPÀ, born in 1980, works as a lawyer in Como (Italy). She has gained experience in associative realities. She participates, as an instructor, in the courses promoted by the Association “Studenti con le Stellette” ( She cultivates a passion for writing poetic texts. She published, with the publisher Kimerik, " Ho raccolto i miei ultimi due versi”, a book of love poems.

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