Monday, June 1, 2020



Should The Earth

When you walk down the street
and see all the dirt and garbage,
you wonder to yourself...
should the earth accept this...
when you gaze into the sky
and see the smoke bellowing up high,
you wonder to yourself...
should the earth allow this...
when you see the water ways
and the oceans pollution,
you wonder to yourself...
should the earth condone this...

Look at the bees
who first make wax then honey so pure,
it leaves no traces behind...
no pollution or destruction...
yet it works every day...
without complaint or delay...
look at the trees
who filter our air,
removing the impurities...
without pollution or destruction...
sending forth fresh oxygen...
every day without fail...

How little we know...
how much damage we cause...
you wonder to yourself...
should the earth permit this...
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

Loving Grace

Wrap me in Your warm embrace,
comfort my soul within Your loving grace,
lift me high above my fears,
gently wipe away my tears,
open my eyes so I may see,
lead me onto paths where I can be free,
let me feel Your tender love,
flying through my soul like a gentle dove,
tingling through my veins with amazing delight,
empowering my heart with glorious might,
show me clearly that You are near,
surround my being with peace so dear,
lost and alone in a world so wicked,
becoming entangled in every thicket,
just wrap me in Your warm embrace,
comfort my soul within Your loving grace.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

A Sigh Of Relief

Mother earth breathes a sigh of relief,
after generations of sorrow and grief,
used and abused at the hand of humanity,
rushing around in greed and insanity.

Perfect creation that sustains itself,
cycles rotating with vigour and health,
has suffered severely through human ignorance,
ripping and grabbing with selfish intolerance.

Gain with destruction is all in vain,
all we do is cause suffering and pain,
we hurt the earth that brings forth birth,
destroying the treasures of value and worth.

Earth has been crying for ever so long,
trying to warn us of all our wrong,
earthquakes and volcano's have rocked the land,
floods and tornado's have moved the sand.

When will man listen, when will we hear,
do we have to be shocked with trouble and fear,
when will we treat the earth with respect,
when it's all too late as we die in regret.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: South African poetess, with a deep love for Gods creation, the splendour and beauty of earth and its spectacular animal kingdom, the sunrises and sunsets, and deeply disturbed at the cross neglect and pollution of man against such a magnificent

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