Monday, June 1, 2020



Title: Eternal Moon In Heaven.

The princely dress
he wore with extraordinary elegance,
the hair wrapped in an accurate hairstyle
that frames a face with soft features.
It has reached the sky
to grab the moon, all in his hands, finally
and the dream comes true.
You can take it as a gift to your beloved promised prince!
Hope that such goodies welcomed is,
in understanding the immense effort
open your heart
to live together the fantastic longing and utopian thought
which unfolds like in a movie before your eyes.
Forced by unfavorable negative events
bring the moon back to heaven,
miserable woman!
In its eternal place,
for everyone,
to be the dream of impossible lovers.
They can only caress it with their eyes,
with the mind to turn poetic thoughts
that the soul dictates
and in rivers of words express what in reality
it will never come true.
Moon dream of us down here,
up in the sky your dominant location.
And so, he placed it there
woman in elegant princely dress.

A Kiss, Where.

Without any hesitation,
to the question where would you like the kiss,
I would have answered "On the forehead",
Yes just like this!
And, for you guessing everything about me,
it would not have been difficult
to identify that unique and precise point
where to make a loving and special gesture
of the kiss that connects and touches the soul
to feel truly loved.
Donor kiss excellent benefits and vital energies
they are intense.
Remember your devoted appreciation,
true blessing, care and deep respect
for my dreams and desires,
even for all my faults.
Protection in the difficult moment
to make your closeness feel,
attentive and by my side.
This is the love that only you transmit to me,
strengthen and motivate
my existence
in search of what is best for my life.

Finally I would have asked
for your kiss on the forehead
which is a source of pure water
and flowing in spirituality.
Kiss the divine, kiss the soul.
Uplifting experience that I yearn to experience.
Kiss in the middle of the forehead
to activate the pineal and pituitary gland
 for well-being and healing.
You are my kiss on the forehead.
You my passion.

They Are Angels.

There are special people in the world
in taking care of your brother
even in the period when for others it is a burden
for them it is light weight because they have wings

here on Earth the heart is already flying
in solitude they leave no one
it is a mission to save someone
ready to offer their love.

Now they are called to a great test
and without hesitation they made the choice
difficult to operate, society torn apart
and green meadows are no longer recognized

fill those of simplicity with flowers
that have always spread in the air
the true aroma of life and profuse commitment
to spread serenity to the center of the Earth.

Angels are doctors and nurses
which also help to relive yesterday
projected into today of great pain
that will only be saved in a better future


ELISA MASCIA. Born in Santa Croce di Magliano (Cb), on 13/04/1956, she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb). Retired teacher. Writing is a real need for life and draws inspiration from anything or any surrounding event. She has participated in various national and international poetry competitions obtaining awards, certificates of participation, merit and honorable mentions.She receives invitations and convocations to multiple international and world events, commemorative and themed events in which he participates. In July 2019 the first collection of her unpublished poems was published in a book entitled "The Grater of the Moon" by the publisher L'inedito Letterario with the editorial by Fabio Martini. She participated in IX of the XXXIV editions of the Histonium Prize, in 2019 with the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo n. on 12-7-1924 in Milan passed away on 14-2-2019 who had the role of master, marking a decisive turning point in the activity of writer and with gratitude she remembers it by dedicating the aforementioned Award for Silloge Dreams Paintings published in December 2019. Since May 2019 she has written poems in the Opainternational group in Anthology, participated in the Spirit of Nature event with 5 poems included in the anthology 2019 and almost every month in the Archive of poems with 3 poems and biography. She translated some poems of the poet NilavroNill Shoovro from English into Italian. The book of poems Savage Wind of the original in English by the poet Asoke Kumar Mitra was translated and edited by Elisa Mascia with the presentation in Bonefro, Italy. Since February 15, 2020 she is registered with WikiPoesia and Poetas del Mundo. Acting and interviews on radio Krysol (Chile) by Manuel Antonio Rodriguez Retamal.

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