Monday, June 1, 2020



No Place Where To Go

No place where to go
Frightening be in heart always
Covid-19 is really haunted
For no mercy given
The death will be coming soon
How to avoid it?
No drugs be found
It spreads from one's side to another
If Covid-19 is not going away
What will this world say?
Just to wait for the coffins
No lands be ready to bury
If it is made by human beings
What's advantage for?
If it comes up from Lord
It is a trial for lives be sworn
Keep it well for a warning
It might be there something wrong
Keep this as a bitter experience
To jot down in a note
Since it comes up, it makes man confused
As if life has no meaning
That everybody feels worried
Life seems fall
That virus is smiling
That can't be gazed
It comes with what it likes
To kill man with no exception

Covid- 19

This life is now in chaotic
Since corona virus comes to meet
The people are frightened
It comes without reminding
As like the wind blows up from the east
It will be confused to acknowledge
The virus is blind
But it knows what to do
That victims are dead mercifully
sm/07/04/2020, copyright

Life In 2020

This life which seems so fair
Is like rainbow in midday
It has pretty color to gaze
It fades away to acknowledge
That the life in 2020 is obscured
Makes man be in worrying
Without any lighting to walk
That life is unbearable
Full of disappointed to live in
That this world is in old age
It is hard to count
Only Almighty knows what it is
The secret of Lord is not in ours
Let this be kept in mind
The creatures are might be in vain
To swear by the name of Lord
That virus will be run away
For the lives be in peace
Mercy obviously is His hand
Just to wait till the lives have no case
sm/19/04/2020, copyright

No Matter Of Life

No matter of life
The only thing i worry about is virus
No one knows when it comes down
Is not like a lion in jungle
It victimizes the holy soul
That all are in frighten
If you are in lock down
The life will be in safety
Kept your track in a certain place
That the virus will go away


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias (one the small island in North Sumatra-Indonesia) May,17th,1958. He was graduated from University of North Sumatra, Medan-Indonesia. He had been a teaching staff in the field of Literature and English Language at the University of Sumatra Utara (USU), Medan-Indonesia for almost 36 years. He has been writing poems for almost six years. He had published his works in English such as  “ Lighting”, “Humanity”, and others works written in Indonesian language. He belongs to one of the poets in OPA, which has been famous in the Web International Face Book Group.

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