Monday, June 1, 2020



Momentous Night

Sky is bright and gay
Night is bejewelled with enchanting stars
Moon and its beauty crafted trenches
Chirping crickets are pleasing to the ears
Creating a loquacious night.

As we stare in the vastness
Memories reflected into our senses
Awaken our souls till it cannot breathe
Longing for your love in the wreath
That brings us to eternity.

It was a momentous night
When I first gazed upon your eyes
Terrified by what I would see
Slowly drowning in a perpetual river of
broken hearts and lost souls.

You are like a thief in the night
You take my heart to paradise
You rob me of my anguish and
Drown me with your affection
Till the last breath of my soul.


The first time I saw you
I know you are the “ONE”
When I look into your eyes
I see my reason for existence.
For forever and beyond.

You painted rainbow colors
to the grey and cloudy skies
Made the sun shines
through the stormy weather
You made life wonderful

You give me wings to fly
and soar like an eagle
Wind beneath my wings
when I am about to fall down
Bed of roses for the weary soul

You made me see life
from a different perspective
Making most of my moments
What counts most and
Will last in the end.

You are everything I wish
I want to grow old with
till my mind won’t remember
How my heart is still beating-
The last breath of my soul.

Amore Mio

Accept me as I am, with my imperfections
And see my weaknesses as my strength.
Drown me with your affection
that is deeper than the deepest sea
Excite me with your kindness
uncountable as the stars in the cosmos.
Thrill me with your overflowing patience
that keeps no record of my wrongdoings
Mesmerize me with your surprises
till the eyes shed tears of happiness.
Embrace me till I couldn’t breath
and bring me into paradise.
all of it -------
Love me….
Till the Last Breath of your soul...


LUZVIMINDA GABATO RIVERA: She hails from the Philippines and is  a published author, poet, excellent international research journal reviewer, multi-awarded researcher, external panel member of thesis and dissertation committee,presenter of researches in various national and international conferences and has published researches in journal and online proceedings. She was recently honored by Sahitya Akademi, Gujarat-India to her efforts to empower literature globally. She was also awarded as World Inspirational Poet by PENTASI B Friendship Poetry. Her books are A Gift, currently , she is writing simultaneously the books, A Gift II on translations of her poem into 15 international languages and Crossroads:A Poet’s Journey composed of her inspirational poems and poems from the top caliber and multi- awarded guest poets. Her poems are being published by Spillwords Press in New York (9 poems) and Indian Periodicals based in India (45 poems) and the Jasmin and Collars – the translation of her A Gift poem into French and Arabic. Currently, she is a member of various international poetry groups and moderator for the Philippines of Motivational Strips (The World’s Most Active Forum). Dr. Rivera is also an editorial board member of EC Nursing and Healthcare from United Kingdom,  Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science based in India and  Advances in Food and Nutrition Science Journal based in Kansas, USA, she has reviewed several researches for publication. A fluent speaker of several languages, she is member of City of Angeles Toastmasters Club (CATMC). A multi-awarded nurse by profession, she is  currently the Vice-President for Luzon of the Department of Educational National Nurses Association in the Philippines. She is a licensed teacher, a consistent academic excellent graduate of her post graduate courses in public administration and health management.  She also, took up units leading to a Law degree.  Recently, she has been named as  Outstanding Researcher, Writer  and Most Innovative Teacher of the Year in the First Instabright National Awards for Educators. In 2019, she presented one of her researches in 2nd Singapore International Research Conference  held at The National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), The Graduate Club, Suntec City Guild House Singapore, organized by  Social Science and Humanities Research Association ((SSHRA). In 2018, she won  2nd in the First National Action Research Competition-Philippines organized by the STEM Education Training Hub. She was also awarded Best Presenter in the First National Curriculum Research Conference organized by Department of Education- Philippines wherein 70 researchers competed.

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