Monday, June 1, 2020



Daises Are Taletellers Too

The season was colourful
A sweet breeze
The sun coquettish

I walk into the meadows
Until my legs no longer hold me
I walk until my brain and body stop

I run into the rainbow
I stood underneath
Made a wish
For the whole of my country

I surrender my body
To the yellow lupines
Laydown length way
Full of excitement and passion
In the vast meadows

I search your eyes
In the deepest green
In fact they are indigo blue
I collected a bouquet of daisies
I started loves me loves me not
I got angry with those loves me not
I too loves those loves me
All those I chose for you
Came out loves me
Daisies are taletellers too
If you love me not

The season was colourful
A sweet breeze
The sun


Two fishermen boats
anchored at the seashore
On one of them written Filia*
On the other Dost**
Two fishermen
One  Turkish
One Greek
Both sailed off
Into Mediterranean Sea

The pirates hold them up one day
Fighting and the thunderstorm started
The Mediterranean Sea got angry
And heave of the sea roar
And the sky collapsed
Both boats were destroyed
during the fights

The Love Island’s fishermen suffered a lot
At the fight in the middle of the seas.
Assuredly there was a future
The pirates
The thunderstorms
and the waves
Both did not gave up
They build stronger boats
The Filia and Dost sailed off again
They loaded their boats
With hope and humanity

They build new and stronger boats
In tenacity against
the pirates and thunderstorms
Vira vira filia
Vira vira dostluk
They sail off into the sea together
humanity and hope was their load
Row my friend row!

*Filia (Friend in Greek)
** Dost (Friend in Turkish)

Orange Blossom

Wrapped me into memories
orange blossom
you smell homeland
smells you
Folksongs, chants and poetry

Orange blossom!
wrapped me onto thyme smell
embellish with bridal flowers
The hill-side of my mountains

Orange blossom!
Wrapped me with my soil
Where the seeds sown and
Where the labour
Has grown on the wheat spikes

Orange blossom!
Wrapped me into the freedom
Where the birds are flying
In the azure and clouds

Orange blossom!
Wrapped me into indigo blue
White-crested waves of Mediterranean
Where the peace is in labour pain

Orange blossom!
Wrapped me into hopes
Where the future
has not been expended
and passions not left unfinished

Orange blossom!
Wrapped me onto the hopes.


AYCAN SARAÇOĞLU: Aycan Saraçoğlu was born on the 22nd July 1963 of a family of five children. She is the fourth one. Aycan completed Primary Education in Episkopi village, Limassol in Cyprus. She completed her Secondary School in Lapithos, Kyrenia district after the war in 1974. She continued her higher education by attending Economic studies at the Open Economics Faculty of Anadolu University for two years. After her higher education she worked at several businesses and the Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority. Aycan was very active in politics and worked with several political parties and movements (none - governmental organisations). She immigrated to United Kingdom with her husband and two sons in 1999. Aycan have attended several training courses in order to gain new skills and improve her chance of employability. She then took an employment to run the Road Safety Project aimed towards the Turkish Speaking communities in Haringey in London. Aycan have been the administrator of the Enfield Cypriot Association’s Mothers and Toddlers Project. She worked as a programme producer and a TV presenter with one of the local Turkish Cypriot TVs in London. Poetry is Aycan’s significant part of life. Her poems and articles have been published in several newspapers and magazines. Her elder brother Ercan Turgut who was studying in a university was shot dead on his first year in Turkey. Losing her beloved brother has increased her aspirants to lean toward poetry. Aycan started to participate in local poetry competitions in early age and receiving awards has encouraged her to write more poems. Aycans’s poems reflects her way of life and hopes. Therefore, her poetry voice friendship, struggle for freedom, peace and love. Aycan has published her own poetry book called “A Bird In My Arms” in March 2018 in Turkish & English languages. Her book was introduced to poem lovers in England and Cyprus. Currently, Aycan continues to produce and host programs on the radio and television channels operating in Cyprus, She is also the editor of the art and culture section of a newspaper.

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