Monday, June 1, 2020




When dark integrally engulfs the scene
And all doors are under lock and key
On the Almighty we would all lean
To Heaven we'd launch our plea

When despair, gets weary, calls for hope
And draws tiny holes to let enter light
Threads of prayers would weave a rope
Make a lofty ladder carrying our plight

When the world loses control under panic
Facing the invisible deadly thief
Never surrender to that bubonic pandemic
Let us be united under the same belief

That days of distress will soon vanish
And buds of life would surely flourish
Gigi Mejri ©

A Lesson For What Remains Of Life

Humanity 's witnessed all colours of scare
Red, Yellow, Green and more not yet seen
People 's greed touched every inch and square
Waging war, desire for destruction so keen

With Covid 19, colours differ enormously
No more a matter of competing for deadly arm
Nobody is rushing towards mean supremacy
For once, humans united to chase the harm

An invisible visitor with a queer source
All are preys to such a merciless predator
For once, Earth dwellers took the same course
Confined, struggling in seclusion and prayer

May the invisible threat retreat soon

And humans learn that only love is a boon

Love In Times Of Corona

Take your distance

I'm taking mine

No kiss, no hug

No hand shaking

All will be fine

Era of emoticons

A well-shaped heart

A smiley, just a sign !

"Good fences make good neighbors"

Time of tracing that line

Stay far, stay secure

Don't approach, don’t come near

Plato is back to the scene

Coronavirus is teaching discipline
Gigi Mejri ©


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