Monday, June 1, 2020



Safe Among The Daisies

Safe among the daisies
Spring skies buttered with lawn
A cat hides among seaside daisies
Spurting out not a single one out of place
No paws further – bees avoid pause
Magpies hyperbole
All players know their negation
Except a worm – positing escape
Clare Rolfe © 2019

Staring At The Sun

I jumped and caught the space
between you and me

I saw it was real solid
string dragging from a balloon

Each time I let go higher you rose
Brighter stronger

But the fall from high mass of noon
Was better than your birth

Thick with the vista of earth
The details of colour drenched my skin

Making me want to stare once again
Forgetting slow thoughts

Skateboard arcs question marks
waning memories of days past

As you rise and die
I jump again

A love story never ends
Clare Rolfe © 2020


When I woke the dawn was red
Redder than leaves in summer heat
It called the day to hurry toward deep night
So deep, the crescent’s of the moon
Wept their caution to us below
Watch my brother sun’s flame
For it never slumbers nor desires
It has no god or regret
Fire is its only law
Clare Rolfe © 2019/20 Bushfires summer 2019 /20


CLARE ROLFE: She is a self-published writer based in New South Wales Australia. She has dabbled in short stories and poetry from a young age. Her first published work in 2016 was a dystopian and philosophical novel called Ten Letters to Delacroix’s Tomb. It is one of a three novella series with common themes of Paris, art and philosophy. In 2019 she published the first book of a quintet fantasy series called Ascendant’s Tear – Legend of Caemeris. Her writing muses include the natural world, philosophy and science. Her poetry has been published in The Australia Times Poetry Journal and Our Poetry Archive, Somnia Blue and more recently ‘From the Ashes’ an anthology of poems dedicated to the bushfires affecting Australia this summer.

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