Monday, June 1, 2020




I am in a dark room
Without any light
The moon beams light up my
Heart and face
I own nothing in this world
Just a broken down house
And a broken heart
With moonlight peeping through in the night!
I care for nothing
I want nothing
I just need some love
To carry on with my life
And a little food to feed my hunger!
I am lonely and broken
Right through inside
In bits and pieces, they lie
The moon is my only friend
Who lights up my heart
At night!
Sarala Balachandran

What's Love ?

Love is not just saying I love you
It's much beyond words
Hold her when she is walking through thorny paths when going is tough for her
Give her hope and assurance
That you will be there when she needs you
Take her for an outing
And give her a treat
However poor you are
Offering her the last piece of cake which you had saved from the crowded table
Sit with her
Talk to her Gently
Holding her by her chin
Looking deep into her eyes
Which says it all for sure
Drop her home safely
Holding the car door for her
To make her sit comfortably and shut the door gently
And lastly give her a loving caress as you leave her at home with assurance you are hers forever!
Sarala Balachandran

Love Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic ..

Amidst the panic and chaos
of coronavirus all over the world
she stood looking at him
with heartful of love and care
But she has not met him
nor spoken to him !
Her heart is full of him
and his charisma
and his total faith on his creator
whom he always praises in his divine heart !
She holds on to this
unknown man with full of faith
She sits and sings holy hyms
looking into the vast blue sky
and moving clouds
playing with the lush green grass
and catching dragonflies and let them off !
She is sometimes childish and
sometimes a girl in love
Her imagination flies and flies
and she lands up in his cosy lap
looking into his caring eyes !
She smiles to herself
Yes i know he loves me
But she has not met him
Nor talked to him
Her imagination
takes both of them
to the highest level of
divine love ever experienced
where they mingle in each other
A soul to soul love
A heart to heart feeling
till the end of their lives !
She smiles
She hums
Who is this person
I am in love with
But she knows he is
Somewhere far away
Writing love letters
to his love whom he is fond of
and she holds back her tears
in frustration!
Who is he
She doesn't know
She only knows
She loves him sincerely
and she sees him everywhere
and hears his voice
even while asleep
with no more corona fear
the spiritual romance
taking them to the highest level!
Sarala Balachandran


SARALA BALACHANDRAN is a free verse writer poet and author. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies. She is resident of Kolkata west Bengal with her family

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