Monday, June 1, 2020



To Elpis

First, a hush-hush fuss about the virus name,
then thousands of coffins set the ill fame.

Slowly the world changed,
From globetrotting to being foot chained.

The rumble of speech on caste, religion and violence,
Muted swiftly to isolation and self-distance.

Life ends and soul awakens,
Virus pooling the blood veins.

Anxiety creeps as darkness creaks the door,
Unbridled chaos and death remind us of Centaur.

Amidst the tocsin of lumbering doom and Moros,
Let Elpis come home with cornucopia of hope.


Standing inside a chalk circle,
drawn to maintain safe distance,
she consoles herself in vain to get back to isolation.

Watching thousands migrant workers march home,
she guarded her trembling feet on the ground, staring at the dome.

Locked inside the doors of fear, she peeped out of the windows for hope.
The trucks loaded with coffins reminded her to again wash her hands with soap.


A hackneyed lore,
bridled with fancy twigs.

An old man,
tugging off a bundle of unfulfilled desires.

A sleigh with endangered animals, dwindling due to climate change.

A spruce turning brown and losing its aesthetic appeal,
are believed to fulfil our endless desires!

Let's rework on the theme, and recreate a new tale.

Ameliorate the battle between two generations,
Care the planet earth, care the coming birth.

And make the world merrier for the generations to come.


Dr QUEEN SARKAR: Sarkar has done her Ph.D. in Contemporary Indian English Poetry from IIT Kharagpur. She has also presented and published her papers in reputed international journals, and poems in international anthologies, including Amaravati Poetic Prism 2019, Efflorescence 2019, and Global Poetry International Anthology of English Poems. She has worked on New Zealand literature and the precarious existence of women in the sex industry and its subculture during her M.Phil. She is also the member of World Nations Writer's Union.

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