Monday, June 1, 2020




it goes by fast day by day

life this arduous

i will be tireless

without anyone


but I am a persistent man

I'm still chasing my dream

i will be tireless



disobedient, often gloomy

and always true to yourself

i will be tireless


I know

It’s The Memory For The Old Man

Are we talking about today or yesterday …

I remember behaving on my hands too (on the wings of a bird)

when you looked at me gently with the grass from my eyes.

I saw the sadness in them that single eve

when we met by the way,

I knew even then

there are no fires that do not burn with desire,

it is a weak refuge from rain

house with no roof.

Are we talking about yesterday or today when we can’t talk about tomorrow …

I love your body with madness

that I have never seen,

do I love the illusion of just stroking the verses,

everything is only around your character and in it you are hopeless,

tomorrow when i die you must not regret me …

It’s not love for the old man, it’s the memory for the old man,

and words … Not about today or tomorrow but only about yesterday.


You told the poet
I love you

He'll write you a song
Like a clear creek
Who has a kiss
For every stone
And its shores
they become a hug

You tell the poet
Kiss you

And he will write
About trains
Who are leaving
About waiting

Which they will
on empty platforms
to wait


GORAN RADICEVIC born in 1964 in Zaostro, Montenegro. Editor of the only Montenegrin haiku magazine Nekazano. Published a total of 18 poetry collections and one collection of aphorisms.

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