Monday, March 1, 2021





Oh Sailer!


Oh Sailor!

This vast expanse of seas

Tosses every moment

Raging noisy torrents

At the strange sky.


Here many sorrows sunken lie

Passions in clouds run high

Thunder hurls its threat

Storms fling down to depths


Oh Sailor!

Is there a place we can sail?

To seek solitude & solace


Where is that land beyond

the reach of tempests

Where ripples smile

without knowing what is under.


With sure hands set my sail

Let me not drift away.



In Solitude...


In solitude...

You stand naked with lost foliage

in the silence against a thirsty sky.


With puff of snow on my hair

I stretch my hands forward


An explosion of light

of beauty, of ecstasy ...

when my burning heart

sings for enchanted souls.


Can you hear

the song of north wind!

the deep laughter of frozen leaves!


Nothing is dead!

In this Ice-cold winter

sap has only ceased to flow.

Your wrinkled bark needs a loving touch.


Again ...

You will be full of nectar

Host of Angels will fly for fragrance

Again ...

There will be dance in life

The garden of life will go on flowering.



In sea of tears.


Shadows silently bleed

Rush to die in flames

In pillars of thunder and fire

Blaze to the torrents of desire .


The day comes

With its elemental blaze

Reveals the silent presence

The truth of loneliness.


Let the sky keep the milky way

Let it be a diamond necklace

Let the stars scatter fiery sparks

Let the nights fall into silence.


In solitude

Here the lonely old man waits

With his inexhaustible sea of tears

for his shadows to sink.



RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a teacher by profession. She is a post Graduate in History, in Journalism and mass communication and PG diploma in Environmental Education and waste management. Poetry, painting and journalism are her Passions. Her English poems are translated into many national and foreign languages and are published in prestigious anthologies and in International   ezines. For her Painting is a mode of creative expression and can communicate souls . She aims at promoting Human Rights and environmental awareness through Non-Governmental Organisations.


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