Monday, March 1, 2021





Song Of Solitude


Some write and some read,

but I only sing in silence,

the wordless music of heart

perhaps as a song of solitude

perhaps as a hymn of melancholy

or perhaps as melody of silence

for a I am a poet

and melancholy is my music

and solitude is the elixir of life

for my song to stay alive till eternity!



My Thought


My thought is painted

by the colour of Autumn,

Nostalgia is adorned

by the music of my heart

For memories become

the sweetest melody!



In Her Solitude


She loves the night more

for the stars sing her lullaby

and moon caresses

her dream,

and she touches

the vastness of sky

in her solitude,

in her song

with the symphony

of her soul!




MISNA CHANU: Writing is not her hobby or passion but a call of her soul. And when she listened to that call, answered in the form of poetry and prose. She was born in Assam, one of the Northeastern States of India. She belongs to the Manipuri community of Assam. Though she is a post graduate in botany from Gauhati University, Assam, she loves art and literature with her heart and soul. She loves almost all kinds of art but poetry, painting, dance and photography are her favorites. Writing is in her blood. Her grandmother was also a published poetess of Manipuri. Since she was a little girl, she started writing poetry in her mother tongue, Manipuri language. Some of her Manipuri poems were published in Manipuri magazines of Assam. She started writing in English after marriage and published many poems and short stories in national and international journals and Anthologies of poetry and short story. She has participated in many virtual poetry festivals and recently participated in Panaroma International Literature Festival, 2020 and the Online Bharati Festival, 2020. She published a poetry book named “A little Piece of Melancholic Sky”, landscape of her poems. Her second book an international bilingual anthology of poems called “Under The Azure Sky’ is under publication. Some of her poems are translated in to Greek, Serbian, Italian, Manipuri, Chinese and published in a multilingual magazine of China too.



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