Monday, March 1, 2021





Soul Escape Me From My Solitude!


Leaning on the time soul I look with the eye of love at

the unreal dance of dreams ... to wander through the human’s soul,

the heart’s soul I drive away to bring me the gift of the gleam flame,

Fragments, dream splashes with a taste of living the life tree’s soul.



The earth dreams hidden in beings of clay buds, thirsty for

spring. My heart runs fast to the dream’s miss hands, put forth.

The tear of grief in the unmourned ocean, I snatched,

You crushed. unspoken words of the soul, in the eyelashes, the longing tear!



Crystalline tear bursting from the darkness of the earth in thought

cries tenderly, slipping a song of longing into the soul of the spring wave

To bring you back to life, fragments of dreams glide tenderly through the wind,

from the secret of my soul in your longing eye, trembling slightly.



Love! Receive me, Love! Dream wings cut the purplish through longing

Spring born of the dream sun waves to me joy in the smile!

This fire burns me, burns to wake you up to life, with a lot of longing

and I make you feel alive, feelings revealed in a smile!



The rainbow of the heart’s soul, awoken in the colors of love, from numb hearts

reflects the flame of living, gives birth to unspoken, pure feelings

and love flames of plasma rays, out of nothingness arose for the World

Spark of love flashes through a clay body petrified into senses!



You enlightened my life, You lit the spark, I can see your being.

I keep wondering how you do not feel, I could never replace

Deeply Dug dream fragments Eternally Engraved in my heart,

I long madly for you, Beloved portal never forgotten!



From The Sun's Love Twisted Lonely Rose


Some say ... love is arrow of a river

Which drowns the frail weeping cane,

Some say ... love is a sharp rein

Which leaves your soul bleeding.


Some say ... white love doesn't die

There is a need for endless deaf pain

I say ... love is like a sun,

And you ... are only the seed in infinity


The frightened heart of being mercilessly broken

Does not learn to dance the cry of hunger

It's the dream of fear of wakefulness, by longing broken

Which can not lavish autumn’s abundance.


And the soul scared to death does not learn

to live, livid in the lonely night,

And you think love just caresses

The lucky being, the strong one.


Remember during the winter without zephyr

in the bitter snow the seed that awaits

the solar love, which in the Lonely Star Rose

spins in the spring, the wise seed.




The Sun's Seed Beyond Solitude


From the great Abyss

to Him

I will fly in my divine grace.

Sun a promised goal

to Him

Beyond imagination.


Heaven will be there

new Earth!

That's where love comes first.

Heaven will be there

new Earth!

Beyond tomorrow, first.


A love, a heart,

on Earth!

as it was from the beginning,

We are a heart,

on Earth!

Flight-eternally reborn Hanker


The Source of the Soul

Heaven - Earth!

The source of Peace, in freedom,

The Light of Longing,

Heaven - Earth!

It is the eternal reality.


Longing of the Solitude Star

in the sky

Only light can take it out

He is the key to the mystery,

in the Sky,

Of the darkness you wear.


Candle Light, always,

In the Soul

The flower of Life in your heart

There is only One God,

In the Soul

The Totality, my Light.


Love is the very Light,

new Sun!

It doesn't stay hidden,

Gently piercing your heart,

new Sun!

impenetrable by longing.


May your mind be enlightened,

Sun - Soul!

By the Divine Totality.

Only with true love,

Sun - Soul!

The Sun is the Life’s Light!





ROMANESCU SALOMEEA holds a PhD in the History of International Relations and European Integration - European Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries and Postgraduate European Studies - Center International pour la Formation Europeenne - International Center for European Training (CIFE), Nice, France and Department of Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, Germany. He has a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization - Human Rights and the Democratization Process. University of Padua. She is interested in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding for Representatives of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, UNITER Geneva, - UN, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, Studied 24 foreign languages including Sanskrit and Hindi - through studies at the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilizations, France, University of Bucharest. She is interested in creating a new integrative theory of knowledge that brings together the natural, social, applied sciences, worldview and ethics that will lead to the creation of an international system that will create peace through literary work dedicated to the theory of everything but also through thesis of Postgraduate Academic Studies in International Relations and European Integration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and studies of spirituality and quantum medicine, in the training of the leaders of the world spiritual-informational elite, cosmomanism, cosmology, history of religions. Her theory is applied in his poetic work but also in his profession of Business Advisor, Coordinator Training Cycle and training of trainers in the field of management of structural instruments and European affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of European Integration. He was a teacher inspector, Ministry of National Education.She has published Poems for children - Poems for children, philosophical poetry in numerous Anthologies with philosophical poetry awarded first place nationally and internationally. The poem of the healing of humanity encrypts the Theory of Everything capable of secreting a peaceful, integrated societal model of earthly soul happiness.


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