Monday, March 1, 2021







Alone in the house

Perplexed or indecisive!

An opportunity to be at own self

Listen to the beats of silence

Will be charmed

Give a look at your garden

Bloomed seasonal flowers

The greenery of your lawn

Realize softness, coolness of the grass

Hear the melody of breeze

Have a deep glance on stars

Hardly marked their flare , shine ever

Their twinkling amuses

You can write sensitive verses

Express your realization

You, yourself, have never overseen

Mark the signatures of time and tides

On your charming face

When you look in the mirror

Utilize sometime in taking care of yourself

Come out from the self-created loneliness

Feeling and being alone is not the same

Give a thought to your negative relations

Those harmed you, but

Don't recollect sad experiences

But the lessons

Your creativity triggers you

Your creations, generations will love

Relax positively, for a change, be indolent

It's utterly logical and needful

To relish being at your own self

To live your narcissism






Time is timebound

Runs clockwise as designed

Youth of life is gorgeous

Full of beautiful relations, opportunities

Fun, frolic, family, festivities

Never ever think of dusk

Fall of the day may not be so romantic

Shadows of past only companion

Perhaps only mode of rejuvenation

Half, if positivity travelled with you

Solitude becomes a bliss

Introspection, great quality, as friend

Impulses, creativity, skillfully governed

Life is life till breath

Loneliness leads to another path

Where self-valuation, opportunities wait

To promote your untouched traits

Enjoy and utilize being alone

Entertain inspiration, forget bygone

May be dusk, but you are not yet done......



At Sea Shore


Dance rhythm of waves smooth, soft, surreal

Silent chore of waves, present laurels

Clouds dipped in dark crimson liquor

Bidding Sun, whole sky set on fire

An unparalleled amazing sensation

Change is routine, revert situation

Sea jumps mildly, allures, invites

Though it's time for natural high tides

Vast sea in front, silence entices

Stop, wait for a moment, listen to the calls

It's the time to merge with the loneliness

Learning to be alone and enjoying it

Is the most empowering gift

You can give to yourself

Solitude can be fun also

Feel, enjoy oneness with the deceptive sea

Could be reason to make you glee

Copyright reserved @MANJULA ASTHANA MAHANTI.




MANJULA ASTHANA MAHANTI. A published bilingual author, sensitive writer, winner of many awards and samman.....Prestigious samman by Gujrat Sahitya Academy, .Sahitya Shree,.. Shabd Sadhak, Kavi S.N.Pant Smruti samman, ..Sahitya Sagar samman,.. Vagdevi litt.foram samman,.. Telngana poetic fest samman Guntur fest samman...etc.many others. Participated in many national, international Webinars, Many solo presentations on Webinars too. Dist. President of NCWDC.

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