Monday, March 1, 2021





What is Solitude?


A moment to relax in nature’s arms

Without being bothered by the noise of mankind.

That me time that we need

To recharge our batteries after a hard day’s work

And do the things that we love.

The time to reflect on important things

Like the path we choose to take or our purpose in life.

It’s a way to find solutions to our daily problems.




A Moment Of Reflection


We sit in a paradisiacal place

Just with ourselves in silence.

In lotus position we close our eyes

Leaving the worldly things behind,

We start to analyze things carefully.

Details are flooding our minds

Helping us see things more clearly.

We receive the answers to our questions,

We suddenly find solutions to the most difficult problems.

Reflection and solitude go hand in hand

And they are always there to give a hand

When we need a private moment

To foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and life.



A Life of Solitude


It’s not meant for anyone.

Only the brave, the self-aware,

The people that want to gain

More profound knowledge of themselves,

The souls that are ready

To start their journey of enlightenment

Are capable of living a life of solitude.




GEORGIANA LAURA GHEORGHE: Born in a country with a wonderful history, customs, traditions and culture, she’s a sensitive soul whom considers writing as a way to express her untold feelings and opinions. She’s a translator and published “Ce este viața?” (What is life?) a bilingual poetry book in 2019. She published in various literary magazines and anthologies. She competed in various national and international creative writing contests and won many awards. She participated in online literary projects. She’s a member of the World Literature Academy that is under the aegis of the Romanian Cultural Centre London from October 20th, 2020.

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