Monday, March 1, 2021





Solitude Jar       acrostih


Solitude, fact is I craved for it

Orange is the colour I chose to

Label its jar

In it I stuck the rush hours and on

Top I put the long-lasting family arguments

Under that glass bell all their shrieks go

Dim and inconsistent

Exhale, inhale, you're your own better company



Blue Solitude


Do you know why I don't like the outer space?

Of course, you don't!

You all are mesmerised by the fireworks the galaxies are playing for our eyes

Where you see a party

I only see solitude

I even feel the taste in my mouth

Bitter and dusty


Big swirls of fire

Giants of gase

Huge rocks spinning in gravitational slavery

Under a blanket of infinite recluse


Do you imagine the level of sound involved in these colisions

Cause after all, universe is all about collisions and fireworks, dark matter, electromagnetic waves and black holes

But our lives are too

We all swim in our seas of loneliness

Waiting an interaction of some kind to happen


Back to the curtains of decibels exhaled by the universe

The flash of electromagnetic waves that ondulate the space towards our blue beany planet

Only makes it even more accute

The feeling of loneliness and inutility

But why should I trouble you with that

Enjoy your fireworks, folks!



Syndromes Of Loneliness


The sickness took his mind but not entirely

Every morning he screams in gibberish tongues at his window

For hours, the whole neighborhood is captive to his litany

And then, you hear the sane talk

I am hungry

Seconds later, silence rules again the street

Someone listened, someone heard him

Someone came to our rescue

Fed him

Liberated us from our guilt

And when the evening comes...

Oh, God I trained my ears not to hear him...

Same feeling as when you are in church and the priest is bubbling his spells and you only understand Amen




IULIA GHERGHEI: Romanian poet of English expression, graduated from University of Bucharest as information technology expert, has published her first poetry collection in 2012 at Prisoners of Cinema Paradiso was edited by Brian Wrixon. She mainly publishes her poems on Facebook. She was also published in many e-zines or poetry sites like Destiny Poets, where she received the honour to be chosen Poet of the year in 2012. In 2015 she won the poetry contest of the Blackwater Poetry group on Facebook. She was part of many anthologies, one of them being The Significant Anthology, anthology edited by Koshy A V and Reena Prasad. In 2020 some of her poems were translated in Turkish by Baki Yiğit in several Turkish literary magazines. Also starting this year she has her own author page on site.


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