Monday, March 1, 2021





The Kiss Of Life


Excruciating pain in my body

Exhausting cycles of chemotherapy

Left me lurching in the dark

Into the abysmal depth sans hope sans any spark.

I waged battle with each of my negative thoughts

As Ninety days of solitude taught me a lot.

Flashes of heydays skimmed across my mind

When Contentment I never did find.

Remorseful of being grumpy, forever whining

Now my days numbered, health declining.

Every sense in me awakened from slumber

Found charm in everything, earlier thrown asunder.

Now silence spoke volumes renting the air

As I discovered the magic of life sans despair.

Every moment seemed precious

No more thoughts about things pretentious.

Life is all what one perceives and embraces

A concoction of ups and downs it encases.

I learned to observe not see, to listen, not hear

To brave the odds of life with courage and cheer.

My solitary communion with my soul

Unraveled my yearning to kiss life as it rolls.



Last Rays


All by myself

Gazing at the horizon

Mystified by life

As the last rays melted

I bathed in it

To embark on a journey

Leaving behind enigmas

To be at peace.


Draped in crimson

Perfumed by the soil

Heat veiled by the cold

Cold to numbness

I rested

No hurry, no rush

Relinquished my throne

Golden rays unto dust.



Oblivious to noise

Untangled from my body

That lay down.

Melody of silence

Pervaded my soul

I turned impalpable

To be one

In blissful solitude.



Just You And Me


Tingled by the whispering wind in the twilight

With mixed emotions of fear and delight

I take a stroll through the lonely way

To explore the darkness ribboned in grey .


The silhouettes of the towering trees on either side

Appear like giants prying on my noiseless stride.

The piercing chatter of crickets looms around

Yet the deep slumber of the night tightly bound.


I flirt with my thoughts of the new found freedom

Away from the madding crowd and boredom.

I cruise with my childish fanciful desires

Of being a queen to a gutsy warrior full of fire.


I dance to admire the movements of my shadow

In exhilarating moments of solitude I wallow.

I become my world wrapped in ecstasy

The sky my roof, the earth my pillow, I embrace gleefully.


The countless stars that bejewel the sky

The souls of my dear departed that never die.

Left to my little world of no do's and don'ts

Nothing more heavenly than these unrestrained moments alone.


I caress the coolness of the night

A world of just you and me forever bright.




PREETHI RAJEEV was born and brought up in Chennai. She also spent her childhood in Delhi and Kanpur. She is an English teacher at a private school in Ernakulam. She has contributed articles for a few journals. She has authored the anthology of poems ‘Whisperings’. In addition to writing, her passion includes classical dance and music.

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