Monday, March 1, 2021





Architect Or Non-Existent Town


Line curves

are dancing with Sabbath candles

I am making up Shtetl


each street’s name is

Nice or Good

from the train station

you can get to the Bright Sides

and in the theatre, you can pay for Plays

each word separately


Walls are spinning

Columns are bouncing up

to the Sky

like to the music

by the best Klezmer


and who told

that Architecture

cannot be danced about



Pure Form


I am sitting at the dirty

train station

thinking about you


dirty thoughts

in the purest form

a train is

coming leaving


a cleaner has washed

the floor

I am walking along

the corridor




pure profit





he does not have

to sleep alone


he is looking for Juliet

in younger and younger



a bed helps put

loneliness to sleep


Romeo does not stray

only he cannot find

the right balcony



A Girl Wih Raindrops In Her Voice


She used to tell me about Plato and Aristotle.

Her Slavic accent sounded like gravel in the

Rain. Ing,ing, ing…

Feeling a fading shadow around my neck

I see a bright cave paved with desire and

Fear. In her language love and hatred are feminine

Nothing was neuter. Golden mean in motion.

I was Alexander but not great enough to conquer

The furthest reaches of her soul.

Leaving was a move excluding one of

The possible versions of future.

All places of my happiness are taken and create

Gloomy theory of forms.

Sitting in a brown study with blind shutters,

I can hear raindrops searching for a dry land.

Falling, tapping, dying, ing, ing, ing…



Incomplete  Cv


Age: 18 years old

Education: uncompleted

Marital status: single with prospects

Financial status: backpack full of dreams

Professional experience: impossible to gain

Interests: fast motorcycling


No condolences appreciated




LILLA LATUS (Poland) - poetess, translator, author of reviews, song lyrics, articles about travelling. Many times, awarded both for her poetry and engagement in cultural activity for local community. Published nine books of poems. Her poetry has been published in many magazines and anthologies both in Poland and abroad (USA, Australia, India, The Czech Republic, Italy, Albania, etc).


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