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Everyone is living in solitude. Nobody would like to agree on it. Everyone would try to deny it in their defense to project himself and herself as a social being living in connections with other fellow beings. Yes, that is true in all respects. We all are social beings, living in our societies. And we vibrate in connections with people like us. All these are the essential facts of our life. Our everyday life is being orchestrated accordingly. It is also essential to surviving in life. Yet, if we fathom deep into our own life, we can never deny the fact that basically, we live in solitude also. Each of us has a unique individuality where we like to remain lonely with ourselves. Where we seldom give access to penetrate others. This is the domain of our solitude. Which we like to reserve only for us. And this aspect of our life shapes our psychic spheres. So, we can say, in the innermost chamber of our heart we remain in solitude.

If anybody thinks it’ll prevent us from being social, it wouldn’t be right. Every one of us interacts with others socially even carrying this solitude, in our self-identities. And it never prevents us from being social. Rather keeps us serene and helps us to preserve our sanity. Yet most of the time we are not aware of it. We consider solitude as a negative aspect of life. To us, solitude is some form of confinement. Which deters us from all the opportunities of life. Yes, that can be true whenever someone lives in exile or prisons or even leftover by the family and friends. That is a different issue.

We are talking about solitude as the coherent part and even an important phase of our day-to-day life, this remains the center of our psychological self. Everything else may rotate around it, keeping us connected with the outer world. Solitude allows us an excellent opportunity to deal with the big questions in our life. At various times in our life, we face big questions about the essence of our individualities in our social life. If we wish to go around these questions to fathom out real and true answers, we have to bow down Infront of solitude. And it’ll eventually help us to realize the essence of our relations with the universe and society as a whole.

Solitude enhances our creativity. Solitude frees the mind up from all the distractions of everyday life and allows it to focus more fully on any particular thing. It allows our brain to think independently outside the social norms and ongoing trends to come up with unique, extraordinary solutions to ordinary problems. It enhances our self-identities to cultivate uniqueness in our self-expression.  Especially for the creative minds of artists painters sculptures musicians writers, solitude plays an interim phase of self-discovering also. Which is the important essence of creativity. Solitude is our chance to learn something about ourselves. Self-discovery is a process that involves seeking answers to few basic questions. Namely who we are and what makes us unique concerning others. It also inquiries about our innermost dreams. Where should we reach? It helps us also to find out whether we remain satisfied with our achievements in life or not, and why?

Solitude provides us an opportunity for perspective. Whenever we are caught up in the hassles of day-to-day life, all we can do is, sit back and ponder around our solitude. It’ll help us to resort to our problems with effective solutions. If we want to see and appreciate the big picture of what our life is all about, we have to step back a little bit into the innermost chamber of our solitude.  So, not only for the creative people but also for the common people solitude can help immensely. Moreover, we shouldn’t consider solitude as loveliness. These two aren’t synonymous with each other. Solitude is a state of mind. Loneliness is a state of physical condition where we remain alone without being accompanied by our near and dear ones. Loneliness affects us adversely, whereas solitude helps us positively.

We at Our Poetry archive have decided to publish one single issue devoted entirely to this theme “Solitude”. And surprisingly we got a huge response from our writers. Too many poets have submitted their literary works in the form of poetical expressions on this particular theme. So, we couldn’t accommodate everyone’s poetry in a single issue. We’ll publish their poetry in the next issue along with others’ poems.

With this concluding issue of volume six, ‘Our Poetry Archive’ has now completed its sixth year in online publishing. We consider this as an achievement of excellence along with a huge responsibility to carry on with our good works with enhancing literary quality. During these six years ‘Our Poetry Archive (OPA)’ has gained huge popularity among the poets and readers, internationally. We have also come across several new poets every year. We hope our readers will also increase with each volume and issue. At present, the number of website viewership has crossed the six hundred thousand marks. So, we are hopeful and committed in our devotion to keep going and excel beyond.

With this March 2021 issue, we are presenting poet LILLA LATUS of Poland as the poet of the month. Poet Aprilia Zank has taken her interview exclusively for OPA. We are confident enough about this special issue devoted entirely to the theme ‘SOLITUDE’. We welcome our readers to take a look and roam around the creative flashes of brilliance of contemporary poets around the world.

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  1. It is very good to have so many poets in this Magazine of such prestige around the world. In this March issue, this is a special edition entirely dedicated to the theme LONELINESS and we present the poet LILLA LATUS from Poland as the poet of the month. Congratulations on the beautiful work NilavroNill Shoovro. Poet Adão Wons.