Monday, March 1, 2021





She Tries Not To Give In To


passing melancholy

similar to a drop streaming

down the pane so unnoticeably

like a state of mind


that haunts unexpectedly

she does not befriend

it you never know when it

it decides to stay up late she definitely


prefers her settled loneliness

tamed for years

on sleepless nights it will not hurt



Time Has Billed Me


on my side of the window

yellowed memories


outside the window, white snow crumbs

look like a stamped stamp


we were separated by a fog of understatements

the time frowned

on the lips a bitter taste of pain

it tries to patch up torn conscience

its whisper asks for absolution


in the vestibule of heart

loneliness has settled in

for good



She Watches The World Alone


remains in it by chance

can be a poor little feather

blown away by a gust of wind


the door in front of her is still closed

she looks at it surreptitiously

she only moored here for a while


she asks God a question

does it make sense to swim against the current

when the body is like a white spot

among the pictures from the past






ALINA ANNA KUBERSKA, a poet from Łódź, is the author of six volumes of verse, two novels and various stories. Her poetry forms part of several dozen collections of poems and numerous almanacs. She has presented her works not only in Poland, but also abroad. For five years she owned an international poetry website. Currently, she is the vice president of Association of Polish Authors (SAP) in Warsaw.

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