Monday, March 1, 2021





The Magic of Solitude


Silence fills up the vacant space

And dances as it wills

Bidding me to sit back,

To relax and to close my eyes,

To listen to its empty steps,

As birds chirp peacefully outside

And life moves on its way

As easily and as fluidly as it can,

With vehicles jammed on its busy roads,

And sellers energetically calling out

To their potential customers

While children laugh their way

Through games gifted to them

By their own imagination!



In the silence of the solitude,

Eyes closed,

I can only see the beauty of

Having no responsibilities,

No obligatory duties,

And no societal adherence!

I remained there, feeling like

A Queen, with unlimited time

Thrust at my feet, thereby allowing

Myself to pick up my pen and to make

Of poetry, a magical piece of art,

As many times as I want to!



The Power of Solitude


I sat in the center of my bed,

Wondering at the difference

That lay there between myself

And between those I interacted

For, the purity that they could feel

Emanating from me

Remains absent in them!


Being surrounded

By solitude at all times

Gives me ample opportunities

To dive in my inner self;

Made of a divine ocean

Filled with sea life as it is

Not known on Earth

And where I sit upon a sparkling

Oyster shell, ruling as would

A gentle and much loved Queen!


And each time I return from my dives,

I feel like embracing solitude

And sharing with it, a tight kiss

So that I create with it,

A bond,

Which would stay solidly tied up

For as long as I would be able

To paint the life that I lead

With my own imagination!


Why, the power of solitude is thus,

Made of sparkling starry dust,

It can lift me up from the material world

And land me there where I wish

And I guess

That is where the purity that is discerned

In me, gets its origins!



Enlaced With Solitude


Enlaced in bed with my own solitude,

I could only see the eyes of love

As they sparkled with the desire

For the imperfection that I am!


And lost in their beauty,

I forgot about the thorns

That keep pricking me from inside

As well as the ugly creatures

That allow me not to leave

My well protected castle

To be able to get a glimpse

Of life and of all that it has to offer!


Solitude is like time,

It stands still,

Invading our nests

And our inner worlds

And having us embark upon

The journey of memories

Having us suffer for that

Which we could never have

Or for that which we had but

Which got slipped out of our grip!


And when enlaced I am with it

Upon my bed, in the emptiness

Of my own home,

I can only allow myself to go

With its flow,

Enjoying the bumpy rides

That it gives me

Knowing, nevertheless,

That tomorrows may never happen

As we wish it to

And that yesterdays shall remain

For as long as we would hold

Them on our hearts!




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