Monday, March 1, 2021





The Visible ...


Cannot be deleted

worries of the soul,

body aches

and fatigue from life.

Cannot be filled

emptiness of existence,

dulling the imagination

with sentimentality

intricate verses

that the sounds of unspoken words

speak in silence

they thwart thoughts

with free wind

that blows the troubled sky

at war with time ...



I am suffering ...


I feel

the absence

of freedom ...

Ever since

I do not have it.

The body moans



who oppress





i am a slave

of freedom

rebel ...






Some call her narcissist,

some individualist,

some define it with low self-esteem,

some with excessive simplicity,

but she is a little of all

complex, unforeseen combination!

She ignores the opinions of others

and Schopenhauer's philosophy himself.

Laugh at the fact that people appreciate

without asking for their evaluation

and do roles that they are not even aware of.

To be her a prisoner and she demands personal freedom

or suffers from selfishness ?!

Maybe she's crazy

that walks her silent path, alone,

without anyone's help, without support.

She must be UFO

that reality sees it as solid

come from any other planet

that doesn't enter into any kind of social reaction.

She sees beyond souls,

but no one believes her!




MARJETA SHATRO RRAPAJ is a contemporary writer from Saranda. Poetry has been an inseparable part of her life, a passion that would be crowned with many publications in newspapers, various periodicals and foreign literary anthologies. She is the author of eight books of poetry: "In the sea of ​​my eyes" in Albanian, "Pilgrimage with the twilight" in Albanian, "To be always a God's smile " in English, "Nerthus" in French and Albanian, "Hestia "in French," Vesta "in English and Spanish,"Far from illusions" in five languages: Albanian, English, French, German and Italian." Marevita "in Albanian. She wrote in prose: "The flickering seagulls." Has translated into Albanian 50 foreign authors in the Anthology "Espalier with the wind". He translated from French the book of an Algerian poet: "Poetry by Abdelghani Rahmani". Comes in three languages ​​(Albanian, English and Punjabi) with an Indian poet Jernail Singh Anand in the Anthology: "Poetic Melodies". He has translated into French the book "Murmure d'un autre monde" by Agron Shele. Her books are available online at the global companies "AMAZON" and "LULU". She is a polyglot. There are 35 video poems on You tube with recitations by herself and foreign authors.



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