Monday, March 1, 2021









As we sat

On the corner bench

Of that lonesome garden

On that lonesome winter eve


The hands that shivered

Were held tightly

Fingers intertwined

In warmth of love


All was cold

All stood still

As we embraced in loving kiss

The moon hung low

The stars blinked

We sat there thus

Till the birds trilled...





The moon still hangs low

The stars still do blink

Yet the warmth is bill

The heart is still

The shivering lips

No one does kiss


The leaves have chill

The snow has drilled

And the white winter army

Has hustled all in


And my love

There he lies

Under the earth

Thus still...


I sit here

In the cemetery lonesome

On the winter's eve






Come here

Hurry my dear!

In the big dark abode

Of lady lonesome,

Before the chill

Of death comes to me


I won't die

Till you come

The solitude must not

Claim me


I loved it in the garden of youth

I hated it in the pasture of pain

I can't bear it as I breathe my last

The solitude thus kills me

It chills me.

Neelam Sahu ©®



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