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Solitudε - The Great Silence


A smile, a word, a voice, a place,

a photograph, a smell, a love

and a story that an old man told me

imprisoned on wings of wind.

When once I looked for him again

in that place that I have seen him

at the first time,

there was everywhere

a great silence…


My Solitude


I captured my solitude

on a large sheet of paper.

Afterwards, I held it in my hands

and I began to cut it into small pieces,

until all the paper became

a great number of pieces

thrown on the floor.

I pile them up and I set a fire.

I opened the window.

I took the ashes

and scattered them out on the road.

Closing the shutters,

I saw my solitude

to spread on the side walk her overcoat

to spend the night.

In the morning,

it will knock on my door again.

As every day…



Silence And Solitude


Today, I worked a lot of time

(from dawn until the sunset).

I kept very busy

my body and my mind

for not thinking about you.

My sweat became one with the ground.

Mixed up with earth, stones,

grass and insects.

But when I took the course of return,

silent you came with me.

You put your hand on my shoulder,

you hand rested upon my shoulder

for a little time, leaving me alone

when I arrived home.

“Tomorrow again” you said to me

and you were lost with quick steps

in the dark.




Dr. ZACHAROULA GAITANAKI was born in Athens on November  30th, 1966. Now, she is a small farmer and lives with her family in an Arcadian village. She writes poems, articles, short stories, essays, novels   and review of  book.  She is also a translator  of books of  poetry. She is a life member of the “World Academy of Arts and  Culture”  /  “World Congress of Poets” (which awarded her the title of the Honorary Doctor of Literature), of the IWA, the “International Society of Greek Writers & Artists” (DEEL) the “WPS”, the “Poetas del Mundo”  and  the “Asociacion Mundial de Escritores. She has published twelve books & 4 e-books.


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