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Yes, we are in a time that is not only difficult to accept but also most confusing to realize.  One can say, media is ruling the mental state of common people. This feature of hypnotizing the mass through media to strengthen the power of the ruling elites and the corporates is the main characteristic of the present time. We as individuals have become the puppet dancers in the hand of the media. Even most of us do not realize this development at all. We continue to believe we are expressing our thoughts. But these thoughts have been incorporated into our intellect by the media, through its continuous propaganda. So, we have lost our independent intellects. Media is controlling our thought process. And the ruling elites and the corporates are sailing smoothly through this system, which has taken over our intellect. Their prosperity and the escalation of their wealth depends heavily on this system as well. So, they are continuously investing in billions to run this system according to their interests. Whenever their interests collide with people's intelligentsia, they come upon heavily to crush independent voices and movements. So actually, as an individual, we have little or no place at all to air our independent voices. Every country and every society is in the grip of this torrid time.

Yes, this is the real fact about our present time. Whether we realize it or not, whether we want to deny it or not, matters little. We cannot escape from this situation at all. No, we are not in a mood to discuss world politics or analyze the political theories. But anybody wishing to remain apolitical would certainly end up becoming either a hypocrite or a grand fool. So, we can either gladly become the stooge of this political system or remain aware of the politics of the present time. Yes, it is up to the individuals. But none of us can claim to be apolitical.

A poet is also the product of his or her time. Time shapes our individualities in various manners. As a poet or a writer, if we want to remain aloof from anything political, we'll end up producing rubbish, which will never be considered as literature at all. A poet must be responsive to his or her surroundings, to gather the true momentum of contemporary times. It'll help the poet to find out the individual and an independent voice. Without which none can be a true poet. So, in a sense, working with poetry can never be apolitical. Again, certainly, it doesn't mean a poet must join politics or should remain politically active. But certainly, a poet should not be apolitical. Otherwise, a poet can never touch that essential human chords, which bring poetry alive.

No, we are not making any framework, how to be a poet or how to write poetry, etc. We are only considering the facts because without becoming responsive to the present situations around one's space and time, one can never produce literature at all. We mean true literature. Not anything published in print or web. Unfortunately, if we fathom deep into the present trends of literary activities, we'll find out too many worthless productions claimed to be literature. These productions have no connections with the present time. These are mostly rootless structures devoid of human compassion and it's complexities. Not all the write-ups are literature. Even most of the poems that have been written every day in and around our literary mediums are just like this. Rootless and devoid of social connectivity. Lifeless and devoid of spiritual essence. Worthless and devoid of true soul.

Yes, the soul is missing from most of the poems. These cannot vibrate and cannot touch readers' souls. Yet these worthless publications can also become popular if the almighty media wants. And we the people wish to rush forward following these media hypes. So, our literature is also into the overwhelming grip of media. Poet People Poetry nothing is now independent. Everything is dancing into the tuning set up by media, according to its interests.

Now the only question remains, how can an individual deal with this overwhelming situation? We do not think we can formulate any mechanism to guide everyone. It is not our duty or responsibility. We have no right to guide anyone. We can only raise our voice, put forward our deep concerns with honest propensity. It is up to every individual, how to respond to this confusing time. How to deal with the media propaganda. How to save individual independence. And how to keep up the eternal torchlight of literature. How to preserve the soul of literary works. How to remain honest without becoming a hypocrite or fool enough to board the bandwagon of media hype.

Our Poetry Archive in its limited capacity is continuing with its vision to bring out the best of the different literary traditions and cultural heritages inbuilt into contemporary literary works and wisdom. We do not want to dance like puppets. We do not want to become the stooge of any power. Neither do we want to manipulate others through our ideas and dreams. So, our vision is simple. To remain independent and work with honesty.

With this focus, we are presenting yet another monthly edition of OPA with more than a hundred poems of the number of poets around the world. This month we are presenting poet, RANIA ANGELAKOUDI of Sweden who lives mostly in Greece as the poet of the month. Poet APRILIA ZANK of Germany has taken an exclusive interview of her only for the readers of OPA. We hope along with this engaging interview our readers will like this new edition as well.


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