Monday, February 1, 2021





Love Has No Barrier


Love is euphoric trance,

Felt at the core of heart,

Begets at the fathom of soul,

Have ambrosial healing power,

Can be smelled even from far-off.


Love has no barrier and hurdles,

When soul is pure and pious.

Love has no boundaries, no race,

No creed, no religion, no gender,

And independent of time and space.


Love is the flow of emotion,

Entwined with ambrosia,

Deep divine perception,

Euphoric salves of soul,

Balm of all painful scares.


Love is gateway of divinity,

Washing off squalor and impurities,

Attaining state of peace and harmony,

Shining as a divine pure and pious soul,

Before merging with Supreme Soul.



Trust Is The Soul Of Relationship


Waves of sea has language of its own,

That can be understood by the person,

Watching and sitting quietly at the shore.


Silence also has language of its own,

The language of unbreakable trust and faith,

Where time and distance does not matter at all.


Language of silence of can be understood by the people,

When connected through the unbreakable bond of trust.

Even from far distance in the space of consciousness.


Actually, soul has memory of the faith and trust,

There is no expiry date for soul-based relations,

It is just eternal, loaded with faith, trust and bliss.



World Of My Dream


A borderless world to live freely,

Everyone bestowed with love and light,

Beautiful rivers as a source of the life,

Beautiful flowers with nectar for pleasure and fragrance,

Abundance of resources for comfortable life,

Beautiful soul to enjoy the ecstasy of life,

All flora and fauna to be in balance with nature,

Each and every particle in this universe should be in harmony,

Men as ultimate protector of the universe,

Many pure and pious souls as warriors,

Awakened and conscious souls as saviors of world,

For the reunification of one consciousness,

Unity in world to create a powerful, magnificent borderless world,

Where each and every person should be empowered by love and light,

And should live in harmony with nature under one consciousness.




ASHA ROY alias Asha Kumari was born in a village of Samastipur District, Bihar, India. She is post-graduate in Environment Science from Sikkim and Manipal University, India. She is hard working, self-sufficient, rebellious by nature for justice, and always stands for humanity. She has been working as a Copy Editor with an esteemed firm Aptara Corporation, New Delhi, India, since 2008. She has been acknowledged and praised by many clients for her editorial works. She is a passionate reader, writer and poet by hobby. She took poetry as her passion to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions, and her point of view according to her conscience. Her poems have been published in different Newspapers, Anthologies, and Journals in both Hindi and English. She is interested in human welfare. She is passionate to reach people on globe through her writing and poems.

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