Monday, February 1, 2021




Crying Souls

It was a sad day, For a mother just anther day.

The same routine, like no other.

Her daughter, left home to attend a gathering.

A sweet innocent girl, just eighteen years old.

She never made it to her stop.

What happened? What went wrong?

A few days later her body was found,

Naked, face down,

Crying souls in the dark, her life was taken away.

So sad, it will be torment to think,

what was her last moment.

Just like many other young girls, mothers like myself.

Their souls cry for justice and some are longing to be found.

Crying souls in pain, tears fall daily.

The earth feeds on these bodies,

till the bones are the frames of a girl,

woman or a child that walked this earth free.

Help, help, help they cry.

Do you hear them?


In This Time

What a time we live in, Last year was good.

Things was nice, but now words can’t express the horror.

This demon has taken over,

This virus, this pandemic, this enemy.

Wear mask, wash hands, social distance.

A cry for help, the world can’t comprehend.

We just have to obey.

Lives are being lost and mental stability unstable.

Suicides, abuse of any kind on the rise.

The news, Why watch it?

It will only make us more sad.and depressed.

Pray for lost souls, pray for the families,

that are hurting.

The forefront workers. What about them?

They are humans too.

They need love and care.

What about those bedridden and fighting for their lives?

Aren’t they humans too?

Help them to survive.

But the vaccine is here. Is this the answer to save us.

Can we trust it? Only time will tell.

But for now we hope, pray and wait.

I am still here like many others.

We thank god for life.

We live one day at a time, not being the next victim.

We stand united to fight against this demon.

And sending it back to where it came from.


Wonder Years

I saw them, my daughters before me.

Just like an open book, that is being read.

From the bubbles, clips to prom dresses.

Bruised knees, runny noes and upset tummies.

I saw them. With good report cards, school president.

Trophies and medals of excellence.

A proud mother, smiling to myself, it was not easy,

Because, many times, rushing to work, and being late, many times

no breakfast, rolling on an empty stomach.

Just to make sure my girls excel, just to make sure their uniforms were neat.

Just to make sure they stayed in school.

I saw them, graduation, diplomas, adulthood.

My life is easy now. No more hustling, no more reaching,

no more empty stomach, because they saw me.

Much older, moving slower and grey haired.

They are grown now, working and taking care of me.

I smiled and watched on.

They saw me., and made sure my life was comfortable,

made sure I ate, made sure my stomach was filled.

Because they saw me.


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