Monday, February 1, 2021





He Relives


The preplanned came in front of the unexpected. 
 The plan of the earthworm set up with the mind of the fox. 
 The bloody smile shines in the lips. Still, the dead relives!





Earth mother of the World, 
Land of the Gods! 
 Deadly aspect of desecration! 
 Smile indescribably sacred! 
 It's a miracle. Unique!



Daily Routine

The keys, the dead mobile phone, 
 the scissors, the envelope, the ashtray 

where is full cigarette butts, the old desk, 
 the life of the barrack, 
 the arbyls of soldiers, 
 the diary where hung by the commander at the corner of the wall, 

the stone image who stands silent and He wants to talk, 
 but he can't find the strength, stays mute, 
 mute in front of sorrows and our joys, mute as we are, 
 mute like everyone else. 
 And the computer alone thinks,
 constantly thinks and calculates accurately, 
 Something's going on, 
 the program's broke down, that's it. 
 The computer is dead now. 


MILTIADIS NTOVAS or Dovas was born in Ioannina of the Greece in 1972. He   studied Philosophy and Pedagogy and is a PhD of Philosophy at the University of Ioannina. He works as a Professor. He co-writes essays, fairy tales and four thousand five hundred poems, nine thousand haiku and tristiches and two epics. He published nine poetry collections and one scientific study. 

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