Monday, February 1, 2021







The night is bright

but only this night

I am knight

because the strength

comes from the stars

not from the warmth

of the sea

where I am drowning

while waiting

for the cold to expire

like the time without


so long and despair

as I cannot see a thing

while waiting, while waiting

for the chilly air

to end the despair






How big are those eyes

that you are carrying

while waiting

for the whale that is getting

that fish in his mouth

without regretting

for not knowing the South,

the fishermen and the

sunburned tone on his neck?

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll be back!”

- said the fisherman to his loving wife.

He placed the Beluga Sturge

pulling out the knife

from his worn-out pants

he smiled at his only friend.

She paid the rent

while he was imprisoned for

those from Yemen and Afghanistan.

The sailor cut he fish

in 2 slices.

How nice – 2 sons are chewing.

The sailor admires

the Mediterranean Sea, the best thing

he ever had, as long as the life was going.





I am with you

- said the dawn -

as much as I can try

to mask the darkness.

Where and who am I

just another star in the sky.

Traveling towards the

next day.

What else can I say?

Am I so alone

as the baby that is waking

or am I taking

too much from everywhere?

From all those

that are gone

in the depths of the knowledge

of our brave ancestors.

I don’t have that privilege

to be like everybody else;

to work with and engage

everyday people

those who are feasting

from the oracle

of the mermaids that are starving.



Friends Met


The sky is red

When the day is rising

Things cannot get bad

While bearing

The new reality

Again- as everybody could expect

In these matters

That shaped the Mediterranean mindset.


- Watch me now my dear friend

I have the plastic surgery

the wrinkles from my neck

disappeared. Instead doing burglary

now I am reading the latest news.

There is no excuse

you did not phone me yesterday

I am here to obey

your friendship.

Don’t wash me up my friend

I am clean enough.

I cannot understand

you, waiting day and night

just to see my sight.


- I want to see you too

dawn- my ancient friend

but not to be with you

but kill you.

Enough was having

your stinky shit

all around us.

This world needs to be dead

so that nobody could remember

how bad was all this

for all of us

stacked forever in this

world of faces with masks

and masks without faces.


I am killing your fire

you filthy day.

Now I am here to stay.

Dawn – you know what

I am happy anyhow, anyway

having the gold, emeralds, all that!




I never dance

I cannot write a stance

when I am here

at the boulevard

on my heels that are so high

my clouds are in the sky.

Like any prostitute

I am thinking I will find the prince

to eat my mince.

Nobody should know

what I became.

The scholarships are so high

in EU

the union of the whores

like me.

Always playing that track

peu manger, peu baise

till the next fuck.




IGOR POP TRAJKOV is one of the most productive writers in Europe. He has written 30 plays, some 20 books of poetry, stories, essays, and was translated in English, Italian, German, French, Albanian, Croatian, Bulgarian… He is finishing his first novel Wasp Nests. He is also a very successful and influential film reviewer, cultural and social critic and editor of many literary editions. Currently he’s working on his second PhD at the Institute of Macedonian Literature. He is also a multidisciplinary international artist. His prolific activity in the fields of visual arts includes performances, stand up shows, music gigs, installations, interactive stances, video-art, photographs, snap-shots, posters, digital prints, acrylics, book illustrations and covers, caricatures, classical and pen drawings. His photographs were 3 times selected for the prestigious Meteorological Photographer of the Year Award selection by the Royal Photographic Society. Pop Trajkov was also a curator for many artists, including for the works of Jakopo Landi. A number of his theoretic works about visual arts and cinema were published at some of the most prestigious universities such as those of the Catholic University of Leuven and Harvard University. He is also a renowned film director. As a director he did many short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and one feature. He participated in such literary contests as Viaggi di versi and Il mio libro (from Feltrinelli).

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